The world of healthcare is becoming increasingly digitalized. With the rise of social media, more and more people are following healthcare professionals for additional advice and tips. Not only that, but private healthcare businesses have websites that also provide extra content for patients and anyone else online. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking to grow your own online presence as a healthcare professional, or you’re running a business in this field, you need excellent content. Today, you’ve been blessed with a few content marketing ideas that are perfect for people in the healthcare field:

Instagram Q&As

Social media is a powerful tool for people in the healthcare world – but Instagram is definitely the best platform to use. A lot of people are using Instagram, and it boasts some features that really play into your hands when thinking about content marketing. 

As the heading suggests, I’m mainly talking about the idea of Instagram Q&As. Here, you use the Story function to get your followers to ask as many questions as they like. It’s super easy to do, you just upload something to your story, select the sticker icon, then choose the question and answer function. Then, you type ‘Ask me anything,’ and your followers can click the sticker and type in their questions – which only you will see. From here, you answer as many as you want, displaying your healthcare knowledge to the world. If this doesn’t make sense, then there’s a video below this point that shows what you do. 

Two tips make this even more useful. Firstly, make your Q&As a regular thing at specific times. You could have one every Monday – or maybe one every Monday and Thursday. Now, you have a schedule that people can follow and look forward to. In fact, some people may even start following you just because they want to be part of your Q&As every week. Secondly, you should make each Q&A about a specific topic. So, one day you talk about sexual health, another day you answer questions on skin cancer or healthy eating, etc. This ensures each Q&A is a little different, so your content stays fresh!

Online Presentations

Presentations work so well in the healthcare field as we often have a lot of information to give to people. For example, you may want to produce some content that explains a particular disease and how to check for symptoms, etc. In a blog format, this can be hard for someone to digest. But, as a presentation, you have different slides for specific topics, it’s easy to navigate, and your audience doesn’t feel bombarded with information. 

I believe presentations are best suited for content that goes into lots of detail and explores specific topics. Along with the example provided above, another idea could be to provide an educational resource to patients/upcoming healthcare professionals. Or, you can use a presentation to explore some new research that’s just come out. 

No matter what, make sure that your presentation provides your audience with the right information to improve your credibility as a healthcare professional. Also, the visuals play a crucial role here too. Ideally, you should work with a designer to build a professional and unique presentation that adds to your credibility. If you can’t, then I’ve heard that using Beautiful.AI is like working side by side with a pro designer, so there’s an alternative for you. A stunning presentation makes your content more valuable as people will be amazed at how unique and easy-to-view it is. As such, you enhance your reputation in this field. 

Live Videos

Content marketing has evolved to the point where it can happen right here, right now. So many online platforms now come with an integrated live streaming function that you should take advantage of. Live videos are such an excellent way of providing content to your audience while also showing more of your personal side. 

Again, you could use Instagram for this – and it does help you grow your brand on there, particularly if you’re doing the Q&A’s. But, Facebook supports this function too, as does Twitter – it depends on what platform is working best for you at the moment. 

There are so many ways you can use live videos, but my favorite is to showcase your skills while also providing some education. For example, a lot of dentists will upload live videos of them performing treatments on patients, or showing what they’ve just done while explaining the process. Showing off your work is such a great way of informing others while also giving your reputation a little boost. If you do this, then it’s essential you have the patient’s consent before you start the live stream. 

A Healthcare Blog

We’ll finish with perhaps the most obvious idea; a healthcare blog. So many professionals are choosing to take up healthcare blogging nowadays. If you run a practice, it’s a great way to extend your services by providing loads of resources to your patients – and other people online as well. It can be part of your practice website, so everything ties in perfectly. 

If you’re a healthcare professional that’s looking to build their personal brand, then starting a standalone blog works really well. Link it to your social platforms so you can direct your followers to blog posts and your readers to your socials. 

As for the content on your blog, make it relevant to healthcare and talk about topics people are interested in. Be sure that everything is factual and evidence-based, and never make any bold claims or force the readers to do specific things. Ensure you use headings and paragraphs to make your blogs easy for people to read, which helps increase the chances of people making it all the way to the end. 

Speaking of which, you’ve just reached the end of this blog! Hopefully, it’s provided you with some content marketing inspiration. Healthcare professionals and businesses need to focus on growing an online presence, and content is the best way to do this. Ideally, you should use all of these ideas to help build a diverse content strategy that appeals to different people and provides various ways of engaging with your content.