How to Boost Your Healthcare Startup Employee Retention Rate

Employees are the backbone of a successful healthcare business. In fact, you could argue that having a stable, happy team is the number one indicator of long-term success or failure, especially in the healthcare industry, where “the human factor” is so influential.  It’s wrong to assume that employees will stick with you once they’re on

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The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Choosing a Fitting Domain Name

Most times, when the topic of domain names comes up the focus is on marketers, E-commerce business owners and other conventional IT based professions. Few people consider other industries such as educational institutions or healthcare. Perhaps it’s because of the nature of the websites in these professions. While E-commerce websites aim to constantly persuade and

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4 Takeaways from the MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum 2015 (for Innovators and Entrepreneurs)

What a great two-day conference in Chicago – the MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum (MHVF) hosted by MedCity News and Mid-America Healthcare Investors Network.  The combination of angel investors, venture capitalists, healthcare information technology specialists, and biotech and medical-device organizations was truly inspiring. One could sit and hear all the different perspectives on each topic presented.  Some

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