World is becoming a global village, and health industry is one of the most obvious examples. Development of Health IT sector is tremendously fast, and it has a great impact on the process of healthcare globalization.


In the last decade healthcare workers took migration process to another level. Development of IT enabled easy access to information. It is now easier than ever before for a healthcare professional at one part of the world to learn about standards and procedures in another. In Germany, a number of agencies are working closely with government to recruit health workers from not only European Union, but anywhere available. Agencies are preparing their recruits to pass required exams before recruits even come to Germany. As soon as new workers arrive they are prepared to hit the ground running.  

Health Tourism

It is now possible to find an affordable flight to any part of the world. People are traveling now more than ever in the history, and not only for pleasure and business but for health too. It is often more affordable for a person from New York City to catch a flight to Eastern Europe, stay at the nice hotel, and pay for the high end health treatment than to do it in USA. Medical travelers are not considering the costs associated with the procedure anymore. Now they can pick between different places based on quality of medical care, public safety and costs.

Information and Knowledge

A medical student in Kenya can get a college diploma from a medical school in the USA via the internet. The newest medical findings are now just a click away, and available to everyone. It is easy for doctors around the world to exchange information, read, and expand their knowledge. There is no reason why a doctor in Australia, or America would know more than a doctor in Kenya.

Medical Records (electronic media records)

EMRs are taking IT Health to another level. Not only that you can send your data as a part of pre-op (preparations for your medical procedure), but you can actually get a medical service via the internet. You can send your medical records anywhere in the world and ask for the second opinion. It doesn’t even have to be second opinion, you can actually get medical advice via skype or email but only if the doctor is able to see your official medical records. In a number of cases doctors can draw a clear conclusion and prescribe a needed therapy with this method. 

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