Considering joint replacement in Germany or dental treatment in Lithuania? While you sweat over your project pressing deadline before the trip, we’ve got some good news for you. A bunch of IT enthusiasts from the reputable health organizations created these super useful iOS apps to assist you with the jet lag, the doc’s visit overseas, and meds intake schedule.

Read on to learn why it’s time to download them today. Oh, forgot to mention: they are absolutely FREE

App #1. TravWell

TravWell is a multifunctional app that helps you organize your pre-travel arrangements. You can now store photos of your travel documents in one place and get instant advice on what vaccines you need before visiting a certain destination. Also, it has a handy to-do list of things needed to be done before the trip (fill prescriptions, prepare first aid kit, etc) and upon your arrival (use sunscreen and insect repellents).

But what most medical tourists actually use this app for is its packing list which features altitude sickness medicine, contact lenses, cough drops, hand sanitizer, earplugs, etc.

App #2. Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers instantly finds your coordinates on the map and shows local police, fire and rescue service contact details for you to dial in critical situations. The app has only the basic set of functions because normally emergency cases don’t leave you much time to scroll up and down your mobile or play games online.

App #3. UniversalDoctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audio

UniversalDoctor Speaker: Medical Translator with Audio is literally your personal translator in the pocket. All you need to do is choose your language and the language of your doctor among 15 of them including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and even Chinese. The rest is done by the app as it voices the most popular themes at the doc’s office such as the reason of the visit, physical exam, prescription, etc.

By the way, the app was designed to cater the needs of those who immigrated to Europe during the recent refugee crisis and is currently free of charge.

App #4. JetLag Rooster

JetLag Rooster is one of my favorite apps when it comes to hand-held organizers during my trips overseas. Based on your flight itinerary and your usual sleep/wake time, it develops your personal sleep schedule to minimize the jetlag. You can choose to start your bedtime planner a few days before your departure, after departure, or after arrival.

App #5. Medisafe Medication Reminder

As its name suggests, Medisafe Medication Reminder makes sure you take your pills on time. It splits the day into morning, afternoon, evening, and night and once the reminder clicks it lets you mark your meds as taken, skipped, or snoozed. You can also connect with your family member who will receive the notification in case you miss your pill.

Depending on your health condition, the app tracks your blood pressure, mood level, cholesterol, temperature, and pulse by asking you to add the data. The app is highly popular among those aged 50+.

App #6. Can I Eat This?

The Can I Eat This? Icon is always on the first screen after I slide to unlock my iPhone. It is one of those apps that I use while scanning a menu before ordering food in a foreign country. You start with entering the country you are currently visiting. Chances are, the app will instantly locate you as it offers the long list of countries including Antarctica, Bora-Bora, and North Korea. Then the app asks you whether you plan to eat or drink and that’s when the fun part starts. No buffet fruit in Qatar, no scrambled eggs in Slovenia, and no monkey meat in the US.

App #7. Tannr

Tannr is a must-have for beach lovers, skiers, and hikers. Because water, sand, ice, and snow reflect sun like a mirror, sun protection is what you need to prevent skin cancer often caused by sun burnt.  Just like most previous apps, Tannr asks for your location, measures altitude in meters, defines your skin type from 1 to 6, and based on the information you provide recommends sun protection factor and time to sunburn most suitable for you.



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