If you are a doctor, you know all too well the difficult that comes from finding a balance between being an objective practitioner of medicine and trying to attract patients. On the one hand, we’d like to imagine the medical field as being “above” such petty matters as marketing and trend chasing. On the other hand, you still need to attract patients before you can treat them and in order to do that, you’ll need to find ways of making your practice appealing.

Maintain an Online Presence

One of the truisms of nearly all industries today is that to make and hold onto gains, you need to maintain an effective online presence. This is true of the medical profession as well. A great example of a medical professional who follows this truism is Brisbane based gastroenterologist Dr K. Nanda, who maintains and embraces an effective online presence thanks to his website.

While it can seem a bit odd to some older doctors in particular to take their gastroenterology practice into the world of Google, it can actually be quite a relief when utilized properly. That’s because marketing yourself online can be a lot easier, less direct, and more ethical than putting on a “hard sell” in front of patients. No one likes going to the doctor and feeling as though he or she is being “sold” something. By contrast, by advertising yourself online, you maintain a more professional degree of distance between yourself and the marketing arm of your practice, all while gaining exposure.

That said, setting up a website is one thing. Actually making it effective is something different altogether. To make your website more appealing and thus effective to clients, you are going to need to make sure that it is easy to use and up to date. A website that looks as if it was made for Windows 98 will give patients the subconscious impression that you’re an old-fashioned doctor who doesn’t keep up with trends and for someone seeking cutting-edge insight and care, that’s an immediate red flag.

As such, unless you’re a web design or digital marketing expert, you’ll want to hire specialists. Web design specialists can help make your website look clean and professional while ensuring that it is bug-free. Search engine marketing specialists can help improve your ranking on Google. Together, they’ll make your practice’s website and thus your practice itself far more appealing to patients, especially millennials, who are more likely than previous generations to search for and evaluate medical services online.

Make Information Accessible

Both your website as well as your office itself needs to make information as accessible as possible. The more patients have to ask questions about what you do and how much you charge, the more uncertain of the quality and veracity of your website they can be. That isn’t a recipe for keeping patients. Investing in flyers that clearly explain key points of your practice and placing that same information prominently on your website are vital fixes for this conundrum.

Make Use of Tech in Sessions

As a medical professional, you should be up to date on the latest breakthroughs and clinical research in your field anyway. Using it in your sessions where appropriate can help patients feel as if they are indeed being treated by a doctor on the cutting edge.

Experience They Can Trust

Last but not least, when patients search for doctors, regardless of their age, what they’re really looking for is a medical professional they can trust. That’s why you’ll want to prominently display the fact that you are an experienced gastroenterologist with decades of dedicated experience to your credit and a sterling track record with past and present patients.

You are a gastroenterologist, not a marketing expert. Nevertheless, with these few tweaks, you’ll be able to do wonders for the marketability and appeal of your medical office, giving you the opportunity to treat more patients as they become aware of your practice and seek your help.

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