The health industry is transforming and taking advantage of tech advancements. Given the growing dependence on technology by humans, a disruption in the health industry is only natural. Health tech startups are coming with innovations that are transforming health for the elderly, sickly and those looking to maintain good health.

Innovation in the health industry has made various aspects of healthcare highly efficient, making it easier for health professionals to focus on saving lives. The stock value of medical startups is also evidence of the recognition and current need for innovative tools such as mental health apps.

Also known as Health Information Technology (Health IT), digital innovation has become pivotal in improving health care systems in areas such as admin, expanding on resources and using smart devices to improve the entire system. We took a look at some of the start-ups that we feel will take the lead in health tech innovation in 2020.


FindMeCure has grown in popularity since its initial launch in 2015. The app connects the user to a range of medical information. As the name suggests, it helps patients find cures to medical conditions they may struggle to cure or find access to treatment.

At times, a patient struggling with a rare condition is sent from pillar to post for effective treatment and this should not be the case. This app is useful for both health practitioners and people who struggle with such a condition. At its inception, the startup raised €420k in seed funding and continues to thrive in the medical industry.

Often finding a cure or treatment for a disease is costly as it may include travel to another country and patients can find themselves spending on a specialist only to find that they have been misdiagnosed. The brilliance of this app is that it tackles the problem by narrowing down solutions.


Feel is a fantastic innovation that checks on your emotions based on the wrist pulse. Emotional wellbeing has become a central topic in the question of good health. Part of taking your health into your own hands should come with a sense of control and that’s exactly what this app gives.

The app tracks your biosignals throughout the day to give you recommendations on how you can improve on your emotional wellbeing. Academic stress also contributes to feelings of anxiety and you can get custom writing services to assist you in completing coursework. This app allows people to be more in touch with their feelings and find healthy ways to deal with negative emotions.


Apricity is an intuitive app that is designed to document the doctor-patient journey and assists medical professional to easily organize their work. Admin is difficult in any profession when it requires endless paperwork and it is important for doctors to keep up to speed.

Apricity record appointment, prescriptions, and patient history so that it becomes easier to find patient information. The digitization of information in the healthcare system is important because it ensures that information is easily accessible and efficiently recorded to reveal challenges, milestones, and repeated problems. Information security at hospitals is an important issue, so the data needs to be protected in the best possible manner, and this what the app does perfectly.


Therapixel applies AI to the radiology profession and helps radiologists to diagnose conditions like breast cancer faster, and with accuracy. Diagnosis of breast cancer is usually quite difficult and results can be inconclusive on time. Therapixel leverages the use of artificial intelligence to detect cancerous tissues.

The app was established in 2013 and in 2019, it raised over €5 million and it won the DREAM Digital Mammography Challenge in 2017. This innovation will allow medical professionals to easily detect breast cancer and mitigate the spread in other areas of the body.


Birdie is designed to put the minds of people taking care of the elderly at ease. The app is designed to ensure optimal safety in the house of a senior citizen. The app is redefining security for the elderly and using digital technology to optimize safety for the elderly. The app is connected to various sensors around the house to detect any movement or activity that is abnormal.

The app will then alert health professional and family members of these activities so that help can be dispatched at a fast rate. This app is important because elderly citizens often struggle after a fall or an incident to get help.

If you are looking after an elderly family member, you may want to look at using Australian assignment help to ensure that you hand in your schoolwork on time, and same time ensure that you do not go amiss on your care duties.


AdhereTech is ideal for people of any age who have a course of medication to get through. It is no surprise that people forget to take or finish a course of antibiotics. This app curbs that problem by connecting a smart pill bottle to phone alerts.

The app helps you track your dosages and usage and ensures that you adhere to your pill schedule. This helpful for people who have busy days and busy minds that tend to forget.

The app records non-adherence and ensures that you take the right course of action to get back on track. Perhaps academic stress causes you to fall behind on your medication, in which case you can use an assignment help to get ahead with your work.


TapGenes places your genetic history in the center of your palm by taking into account information of generational health in your family. The app gathers the information that can help you understand your bloodline and avoid certain diseases altogether.

The analysis is based on conducting a study of family health, major health events, family history, and medical records. TapGenes allows you to closely look at your family history so you can understand coming down with a certain illness or struggling with a condition. TapGenes can take care of narrowing down a diagnosis for rare conditions.

Why innovation in healthcare is important

Healthcare startups are redefining the entire health industry because they can greatly improve healthcare. An issue that healthcare faces across the world is the delivery of healthcare to the general public and tech disruption can certainly ease certain processes and assist health professionals to be more efficient.

At the top of the agenda for any health institution is the curbing of the spread of diseases and implementing policies. Integrating AI has been found to drastically decrease inaccurate information and ensure that information is stored safely. The limitations of errors allow health professionals to focus on treatments and bettering the lives of patients.


In 2020, it will be interesting to see how these apps grow to accommodate more innovation in saving lives. Disruptive startups in the healthcare industry have the potential to improve accountability, deliver quality healthcare and ensure that diseases are detected and treated in their early stages.

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