Micronutrient deficiency is the fear of many. Whether you’re an adult or a child, you never want to lack any form of nutrients or vitamins. While food sources still stand as the best option, it isn’t all the time that what you’re eating is enough to cover up this need. Hence, the need for vitamin supplementation.

Depending on what your doctor will prescribe, there might even be some of you who have to take more multivitamins than others. Additionally, when taking multivitamins, there are those who take it in either liquid or solid form.

Here, however, let’s focus on liquid vitamins. Let’s learn more about it, and why it’s slowly becoming even more popular:

Easier To Take In

Vitamins and supplements are getting common. Almost every household will most likely have at least one type of vitamin in their medicine cabinet. But, while it’s becoming a staple in everyone’s lives, this doesn’t mean that people necessarily enjoy taking them. There are still many who have an aversion towards tablets and capsules. Especially if you have to take many, it can be painful, annoying, and unpleasant to take one after another.

Hence, the popularity of liquid multivitamins. It is, without a doubt, more comfortable to ingest for the very reason that it’s in liquid form. Even if you have to take multiple ones, it’s still a more pleasant experience compared to hard and big pills.

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Faster To Absorb In Your Body

Liquid multivitamins have better bioavailability. With this came the rising popularity of liquid multivitamins. Because it has better bioavailability, it means that you’re getting all of the nutrients that the vitamin promises you to have. The moment that you take it in, it’s immediately absorbed in the body. You won’t need to wait for hours before it’s fully broken down in your body and taken as a pill.

Especially if you’re in a full stomach, the breaking down process might make you feel like you need to vomit. Hence, instead of taking the nutrients in, you’re only wasting the vitamin even more.

The direct result of this is that through liquid multivitamins, there’s a full absorption of vitamins and nutrients, in comparison with that of pills and capsules. In the latter, it takes more time. Often, some of the nutrients aren’t even fully absorbed by the body when it breaks down. This means that you aren’t getting the full nutrients that you should be getting with your multivitamins for every pill, which is a waste of money.

Easier To Modify The Dose

Most vitamins that are prescribed are found in one whole pill. If this applies to you, then it shouldn’t be a worry for you to have to modify the dose. But, if one pill is too much, then the doctor will most likely instruct for you to divide the pill for two intakes.

Even when you have a pill cutter with you, this doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to be able to cut it precisely as the recommended dose. And, taking into consideration the fact that pills are very hard to break down and absorb in your body, this means that you’re losing even more nutrients.

Hence, the demand for liquid multivitamins since it’s much easier to modify the dose. You can have a better personalization over your supplements or have the exact intake needed. For instance, if you only need a few couple mg or a fraction of a tablespoon.

In essence, you’re doing your body even better. Remember, a dose too much (or too little) isn’t suitable for your body.

Has A Shorter Shelf Life

Liquid vitamins have a shorter shelf life than regular pills. While this may seem like a negative thing for you because you can’t store it for a longer time, it does more good to you than harm. Anything with a shorter shelf life is better.

The positive thing about this is that there are lesser unnecessary chemicals in liquid multivitamins, which means there are fewer fillers and other preservatives. With the whole bottle, it’s more jam-packed with the nutrients that you need. As to your health, you’d know that the constant taking of chemicals does your body more harm than good.


Liquid extracts or multivitamins and nutrients are becoming a new trend. While the choice of what type of medicine to take is still highly a matter of personal preferences, the advantages of taking in liquid vitamins still outweigh that of capsules and pills. Not only is it easier to ingest, but it also doesn’t need further digestion in the body. Plus, it’s more potent and powerful, as well. Hence, its direct effectivity in the body is absorbed at a faster rate.

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