Walking into your local health and nutrition store can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t spent hours researching which supplements are appropriate for your individual needs. And, even when they take the time to do the research, there’s a lot of conflicting advice to sift through. It’s no wonder consumers are frustrated and confused by the supplement industry.

How Personalization Has Taken Over the Supplement Industry

Smart companies, like the ones on MBSF’s list of the top vitamin brands, are taking a new approach to nutrition and wellness. These companies believe that caring for your health should be a more personal experience, and the trend is incredibly popular with consumers.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant shift in how people think about wellness and health. They are no longer happy with a generalized, one-size-fits-all approach. They want to be treated as individuals, and personalized treatments and products have taken hold throughout the health and wellness industry in an attempt to meet the changing needs of consumers.

It’s a great thing for anyone interesting in improving their long-term health.

Why Personalization Is Needed in the Supplement Industry

Thankfully, some companies in the nutrition and supplement industry are really taking this new trend to heart. They understand that one size fits all solutions are a thing of the past for most consumers. The nutritional needs of individuals can be incredibly different, and each person can benefit from a customized set of supplements based on their lifestyle and goals.

Personalized vitamin packs are a much better solution than individual products off the shelf at your local store. Health and wellness enthusiasts often end up purchasing dozens of different supplements and then combining them themselves. They often spend hours researching products and dosages to get the benefits they’re looking for. While these consumers are getting the most out of their supplements, this certainly isn’t the most convenient option.

Unfortunately, these dedicated and motivated individuals are a stark minority. Most of the population is completely uneducated about what they really need. They rely on product labels or television ads to help them decide which supplements to buy. Or, worse yet, they just don’t bother to take them at all. This group can definitely benefit from a more individualized approach.

To make matters worse, there are still some supplement companies that make their living by producing one trendy product after another, using the next big thing to increase their sales. While one type of protein might be slightly better than another, the truth is, consumers will get much more benefit from a personalized approach that’s aimed toward their personal health and fitness needs and goals.

How Personalized Supplements Can Help You

Personalized supplements are a good thing for consumers because they dramatically reduce confusion while improving results. A more customized experience also makes taking supplements more accessible for consumers who have been intimidated by the industry in the past. There’s no longer any need to spend hours doing research, only to go out and buy a ton of different products to meet their needs. 

This new approach should attract new customers and boost the public’s opinion of the industry. While it’s not a replacement for seeing a nutritionist, it’s gives consumers an excellent middle option for getting more personalized care without a huge expense. 

Empowering Consumers Through Personalization

Personalized supplements empower consumers, allowing them to take on a more active role in the management of their own nutrition and wellness. These companies are allowing consumers to make personalized purchases based on their individual goals. They no longer have to buy the same old multivitamin off the shelf that is sold to thousands of others whose needs are entirely different than their own.

Companies are finally making an effort to explain which vitamins you should be taking every day, and which ones you probably don’t need. Consumers can now purchase a highly customized vitamin pack for each day of the month, specifically formulated to their long-term health goals. There’s no more guesswork or confusion in the supplement aisle, and the product is delivered right to your door every month. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

It’s Good for Supplement Manufacturers, Too

This new trend means that some manufacturers are beginning to shift away from their drive to simply sell a product and focus more on customer service. They will need to help their customers on the path to wellness and develop relationships with their customers, allowing them to ask questions and voice concerns.

This personalized relationship is excellent for consumers, but it’s also good for supplement manufacturers, too. When they participate in an active dialogue with their customers, they can offer customized solutions based on changes in their customer’s needs. At the end of the day, this will produce better results for customers, which means they’ll stay loyal and continue purchasing their supplements. It’s a win-win for both parties!

Choosing the right supplements for your unique needs and goals is important. Slowly but surely, the supplement industry is beginning to realize just how important personalization is to consumers. If you’re still using the one-size-fits-all multivitamin from your local store, you’re probably missing out on some key benefits. A more customized approach will help you reach your nutrition goals… and what’s more important than that?