We go to work to find fulfilment in life. We go to work to make an income. And we go to work because we can progress in our chosen careers. We go to work for these reasons and possibly many more besides. 

What we don’t do, on the other hand, is going to work to become sick. But perhaps unwittingly, many of us do become unwell, and it is the workplaces that we attend that are to blame. 

Here are three of the reasons why.

We suffer from stress

As we discussed in a previous article, stress can mess with us in a variety of ways. We start to lose weight. We can become exhausted. And we can start to feel the effects of anxiety and depression. If not dealt with, these health problems can cause us to suffer into the long-term, and in severe cases, could lead to a fatality. Worried? You should be.

And why do we feel stressed at work? We might do overtime on too regular a basis. The work environment might be toxic because of unpleasant work colleagues or a domineering boss. And there might be the constant threat of redundancy that causes us to fret and stress regularly. 

What should you do? Well, you need to get on top of your stressors before they overwhelm you. Speak to your boss about your workload. Confront toxic work colleagues. Or, as a last resort, hand in your notice if your workplace is no longer conducive to positive mental health.

We can develop long-term health problems

We don’t always understand the effects of our jobs until much later in life. Think about the many poor workers (and their families) who have become reliant on mesothelioma attorneys, for example, after receiving a cancer diagnosis directly related to asbestos exposure. Little was known about the problem then, and this led to unsafe working practices. Then there are those employees who spent years in jobs requiring heavy lifting, and who now have muscular and spinal problems as a result.

Think about your workplace. Are you being put at risk? Especially if you work in any of these high-risk industries, your health could be in jeopardy. Still, no matter what area you are working in, your employer might be taking steps to protect you. With the relevant training, safety equipment, and health checks in place, you shouldn’t have to suffer in the long-term. However, if you feel as if your health is in danger, you might want to consider work elsewhere when possible.

We rarely exercise

Primarily, we are thinking of office-based jobs, where a sedentary work style is common. Sitting down for hours during the day, not only do we hurt our joints and muscles, but we can place pressure on our eyes too. And then there are other health consequences to consider which, as seen in the linked article, include cardiovascular problems and issues with mental health.

Should you relate to this point, you need to take steps to alleviate any issues. Take time for breaks during the day, and when you do, make every effort to exercise your body. You might also speak to your boss about self-standing desks, as this is one way to alleviate future health problems when working in an office job.

Despite your need to go to work, your health must still be your priority. Consider the job you do then, and if you can do something to help yourself, then do so. Follow our suggestions and seek further information online about your specific situation.

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