Employers may not see it this way at first, but it’s potentially much cheaper to provide onsite health screenings for your employees than not. For one reason or another, your workers believe they have no time to visit audiologists or other health practitioners in their community. Unhealthy employees can lead to poor working conditions, injuries, or even worse, as advised by the doctors at Scentmed.

Instead of worrying that your employee receives a workers comp doctor’s release before they are really ready to come back to work, or other preventable work-related injuries such as these, you can provide health screenings for everyone and help them catch problems before they get even more out of hand.

Plus, paying for health screenings also lets your employees know that you actually care about them and their health. This will foster team unity and your staff will work harder for you strictly out of gratitude than the staff of an organization that doesn’t provide health screenings.

Are you ready to jump all over this positive healthcare trend? Please keep reading to learn many of the ways you can benefit from providing screenings for your staff.

Tip 1: You’ll Help Employees Discover Illnesses and Diseases Early

As an employer, you undoubtedly care a great deal about the people in your employ. So you certainly want them to maintain good health. Not only will they perform better while on the job, but they’ll also remain disease free so they can take care of their families for years to come.

Sometimes people become ill with the disease even when they are asymptomatic. So it’s tough to know if you are actually carrying a disease or not unless you get regular checkups and screenings from a doctor. As an employer providing these screenings on your dime, you are giving your team the gift of good health and they will be grateful for it and go the extra mile to help when needed.

Even better, these screenings can provide life-saving information. When this information is acted upon quickly it just might save someone’s life. And you’ll feel good knowing that you were responsible for saving this person’s life because of the onsite health screenings provided by your company.

Tip 2: It Proves Your Commitment to Employee Health

The best way to get your employees to respect you is to show them respect in return. And a simple way to show them you care is to provide onsite health screenings. After you make this a regular practice your team will sing your praises to everyone who will listen because they’ll know you care and they’ll know you’re committed to their health and wellbeing.

How will this help your business? Well, it can help in a couple of different ways.

First, because you actually want your employees to remain healthy, this will spread through the industry. You’ll attract the best talent and the most committed and honourable people to your business. In turn, your productivity will soar and your business will boom because the best people are on your staff.

On the other hand, your business will make waves in your industry in a good way. If your company is the only one (or one of the few) providing onsite screenings your customer base will stand up and take notice. You know what else? Potential customers that previously eluded you will practically be banging down your door to give you their business.

See the trickle-down benefits? They are so powerful.

Final Thoughts

Providing employees with onsite health screenings is wonderful for everyone. They get to stay healthy and catch potential problems before they get much worse. You get to feel great about helping, you get more productivity from your staff, and you get new customers because you care about people and potential clients have stood up and taken notice. So do yourself and your business a favor and begin offering onsite health screenings as soon as humanly possible. You won’t regret it!