Anti-aging products sell like hot cakes in the American market due to high demand. But such supplements mainly work on your skin to check the signs of aging. Nicotinamide Riboside works inside your body for aiding healthy aging. It’s a type of vitamin B3 that takes the form of NAD+ or a helpful molecule, which makes sure that you age healthily. According to medical studies, NAD+ plays a critical role in overall human health. Its contributions include:

  • Digests food and creates energy from it
  • Strengthens cells for a stronger defense system
  • Cures DNA
  • Facilitates internal clock of the body

The low NAD+ count and aging have a close connection. The trusted sources suggest that a reduced level of NAD+ can lead to various health concerns, including aging, poor eyesight, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. Some of the research works conducted on animals revealed that improved NAD+ levels not only can fight the signs of aging but also help control the onset of chronic ailments. That’s why you should consider taking the vitamin B3 supplement to help boost your NAD+ levels.

Why can Nicotinamide Riboside be beneficial?

Although it is not clear how far this supplement can be useful, you can take it to enjoy its potential health benefits.

Conversion into NAD+

The foremost reason is the improved levels of NAD+, which is an assistant molecule necessary for certain types of biochemical reactions. However, as you grow, the levels of NAD+ also decline, leading to diseases and poor aging. But this vitamin B3 supplement, which creates NAD+ in the body, can help check this problem. Some animal research elicits that this vitamin B3 ingredient can increase the count of NAD+ by 2.7 times.

Additionally, when NAD+ increases, it leads to the activation of specific enzymes that are crucial for healthy aging. One such protein is sirtuins, which can treat damaged DNA, reduce stress, and fight inflammation. All these factors, in turn, can contribute towards a healthful aging process.

Disease control

Oxidative stress and hampered cellular respiration can cause brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, commonly associated with aging. To prevent this, you need a kind of protein called PGC-1-alpha. NAD+ can produce this protein. That means you can depend on nicotinamide riboside to tackle this problem. Similarly, you can consume this supplement to control the chances of high blood pressure that can, in turn, cause a heart attack.

In essence, there are some benefits that you can expect to reap from the use of Elysium Health supplement. However, keep in mind that the effects can vary from person to person. Some people believe it can increase the metabolic rate of your body to help you lose weight. Its ability to treat DNA and tackle oxidative stress through better NAD+ levels can keep you potentially away from the risk of cancer. If your circadian rhythm of the body is upset, you can rely on it for some improvement. Better muscle health and endurance are its additional advantage. If you take this supplement daily, you can imagine yourself to age in a healthy manner.