Speed, lack of attention, difficult weather conditions, drinking and driving are all precursors of accidents which often lead to personal injuries. Persons who suffer personal injuries do not only go through physical pain, but also emotional stress and the effects do not stop here. Temporary or permanent loss of employment, medical expenses, disruptions of the day-to-day activities and huge discomfort are just a few of the consequences; therefore, it is totally understandable for these persons to claim compensations after an accident.

The forms of personal injury compensations

Most of the times, individuals suffering personal injuries will wonder what the compensations they can benefit from are. They often think money is the only way they can be compensated for their loss. Unfortunately, things are not that simple, as these claims must be calculated and when we consider the legal consequences of an action causing a personal injury, jail, fines or other penalties can also be part of a claim. Rarely, a compensation is given only under the form of money.

Compensations can fall under one or both of the following categories: general damages (which refer to compensations for non-monetary losses) and special damages (which refer only to financial losses).

How are personal injury compensations calculated?

One of the most frequent questions about calculating the compensation for a personal injury is if there is any formula one can use to determine the amount of money he or she is entitled to. The answer is no, there is no such formula. This is because each accident is unique, therefore the compensation will be too.

In this case the easiest way a person can calculate the amount of money he/she is entitled to after suffering an injury is to use a personal injury calculator, however the best course of action is to discuss with personal injury attorneys  who can evaluate the case.

The calculation of a personal injury will usually depend on many factors and the person who has suffered a loss can be compensated based on several aspects. These aspects usually cover:

  • current and any future medical expenses;
  • temporary or permanent loss of income;
  • incapacity;
  • damages to any property, if the case imposes it;
  • loss of personal objects;
  • anxiety, depression or any other kind of unstable mental state.

Together with the multiplier for the general damages, the amount of money the person will receive is calculated.

Negotiations with insurance companies

Apart from the calculation above, there is another important aspect to consider when claiming compensation for a personal injury. That is the insurance company and the premium or better said the coverage of the insurance policy the insured has. Naturally, the adjuster will try to pay as little as possible and, in this case, assistance from a lawyer is more than welcome. The evidence is also crucial when meeting the insurance company’s representatives.

Another important thing to know is that insurance adjusters will always try to reach a settlement in order to avoid going to court. This is why they will carefully analyze the evidence and the claim of the injured person to make sure the requirements are realistic.

When suffering a personal injury, the evidence is the most important and a lawyer’s assistance is strongly advised. Also, a personal injury calculator is useful no matter how serious the accident is in order for the individual to at least get an idea on the amount of money he/she can be compensated with for his/her losses.

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