Dentistry has evolved a lot in the last years, one of the most performant branches of this industry being implantology. With greater access to international courses and studies, more and more dentists started specializing in different areas and offer improved services to their clients seeking for the perfect smile. Nowadays, this perfect smile can be obtained with the help of dental implants which are gradually replacing the traditional crowns.

Dental implants have more benefits than other teeth restoration methods, however they are also more expensive due to the technology involved at this stage. Even so, things are evolving pretty fast and soon cheaper costs should offer alternatives to those interested in achieving the perfect smile.

How is the perfect smile created?

The dental implant is, as its name says, an artificially implanted tooth, however the work that has to be put in obtaining the implant is huge. If until a few years ago the dentist would simply prepare the area, insert the screw and attach the artificial tooth, now digital technology can offer a preview of how the tooth or teeth will look like after the intervention.

In our days, advanced digital engineering and computers are used to create what is known as digital dental implants. What does that mean? Simply put, it means that an engineer will work together with the dentist to first create a digital or computer-generated image of the implant based on the characteristics of the patient. Once the image is created it can be adjusted and improved, or better said tailored to the patient’s requirements.

How is the digital implant created?

One of the greatest advantages of the digital dental implant is that is it created based on the impressions of the patient. Once the impression is taken, it is introduced in a computer, where several variations of how the tooth or teeth will look like in the mouth of the patient will appear.

This is not the only advantage of digital technology used in implantology as the dentist can also come up with advanced denture restoration plan, when required, which means that digitally created implants can be used in far more complicated cases, but with the same natural-looking results.

Choosing the digital implant over the traditional one

When explained they need dental implants and their options, most patients tend to choose the traditional dental implant, because of the costs. However, the digital implant is more than an expensive and modern tooth restoration procedure, it is the most precise up to this moment.

Digital implantology means high precision standards, natural looking, feeling and functioning denture and a shorter procedure. The best example is the average time it takes to complete a traditional dental implant procedure and the time spent on a digital implant. Just to get an idea, a traditional implant can take up to 100 minutes, while the digital one can take about 30 minutes. It also means more comfort for the patient, a shorter recovery period and, in the long run, lower costs.

Dental implants have evolved a lot and they will probably continue to do so, but until new technology is discovered or invented, what we have now in terms of digital implantology represents enough to offer a comfortable and pain-free procedure of regaining the smile and the whole function of the mouth.

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