Written by Taylor Mockler

Trying to understand the CMS’s EHR Incentive Program and its requirements can be an overwhelming task. Some people may wonder, “Why should I care about meeting Meaningful Use? Are the penalties for meeting the measures that bad?”

The answers are that it is in your best interest to meet Meaningful Use (MU) requirements as early as possible. Almost 209,000 eligible providers will be receiving Medicare payment cuts for not meeting MU, down from 257,000 previously. The eligible provider penalties range from less than $1,000 to $10,000, while the penalties for eligible hospitals are much higher. Vice President of Governmental Affairs at the American College of Physicians Shari Erickson says that although the average penalties may not be severe, “the number of physicians not meeting Meaningful Use requirements is concerning, particularly given that the program increases in complexity and percentage of payment at risk for (future) performance years.” Thus, for incentive payments and a more equipped practice, it is in your best interest to know the ins and outs of Meaningful Use so you can attest successfully, whether it is your first time reporting or you want to make sure you’re ready to attest proficiently again.

While you can read the latest full report on the Federal Register, this three part article series about Meaningful Use outlines the key components of the incentive program and will help keep eligible providers and hospitals informed and ready to successfully attest.

View the complete Meaningful Use series here:

  • Part I: Stage 1 and 2 Overview, Stage 2 Final Rule Major Changes, and Important Dates
  • Part II: Final Rule on Stage 2’s Objectives and Measures
  • Part III: Frequently Asked Questions

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