Robotic Surgery

The Future of Medical Fields: Robotics, Accessibility, Job Opportunities

Image Source: Unsplash The healthcare revolution is well underway, and as a result, medical fields across the board are expected to undergo massive changes in the next few decades. Already, the medical field has seen increased investment in healthcare forecasting, as well as a reimagination of the doctor-patient relationship due to telehealth. Here, we’ll explore

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An Innovation In Thyroidectomy to Save Patients From The Scars Left By Surgical Instruments

Surgery is often required to treat serious medical complications to help the patient return to his healthier condition. The betterment of health depends upon the success of the procedure. Thousands of procedures are done every day for this purpose. Some procedures, like cancer treatments, cost a lot. Plastic surgeries also require a huge amount of

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How New Technologies are Changing Surgical Techniques

Image Source: Unsplash Surgery is a field that’s constantly in flux. New technological developments are constantly underway, but their adoption in practice takes time. Doctors often prefer to hedge their bets on tried-and-tested surgical intervention, which in some cases has a safer and more predictable outcome for the patient. However, without healthcare innovation, the medical

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