People who go through issues with their hips, especially in old age, are usually faced with hard choices regarding treatment. Whether the issues with your hips are the result of natural wear and tear as you age, or the result of playing sports for many decades, the recommended solution is often surgery. Whether it is a total hip replacement, or surgery to correct a dislocation, the prospect is often scary.

While most of these surgeries are performed successfully, complications can always occur. And that is why it is so great to hear about a new surgical method for repairing a dislocated hip that involves robotic-assisted surgery. Some of the best clinics in the country offer the robotic-assisted surgery for correcting a dislocation of the hip, and here is more information about the procedure.

What is a Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

The process of completing this robotic surgery begins with a mandatory CT scan, where the hip area is scanned and imaged. A 3-D model is created of your hip area – and this model is loaded into a software program known as Mako. The software helps your surgeon create a plan of action around the possible surgery and rehabilitation that will allow you to fully recovery form a dislocation.

While the best surgeons in the country can perform a successful surgery for hip dislocation without the use of the Mako software and robotic arm, this method is known to produce far better accuracy. And when a surgeon can complete the surgery in a more accurate way, it means the patient will experience a much faster and smoother recovery period. The chances of complications or an improper recovery are almost negligible with such a procedure.

Using the Robotic Arm During Surgery

After all of the tests and plans are completed, a qualified surgeon will use a robotic arm to assist in the surgery. Your surgeon is going to guide this robotic arm during the procedure based on the plan that was created through those CT scans of your hip. The computer will assist the surgeon in guiding the arm, which means that any bones that need removing or tweaking in your body can be handled with an incredible level of precision.

For instance, if a hip implant is required, the robotic arm ensures that this implant is placed more accurately than a surgeon could manage on their own.

We can understand why patients would be apprehensive about trying such a new surgery for hip dislocations. However, the studies and the real world results from previous hip dislocation surgeries involving the robotic arm are showing us incredible results. In fact, the results are showing that surgeons who use the Mako program and the robotic arm are managing to deliver much better accuracy with implants and other dislocation-related surgical activities in the hip area.

Whether you were injured during a sports incident, or you are merely experiencing the impact of age on your hip, a dislocation needs serious treatment. And the robotic arm procedure is offering the best chance of a successful outcome.

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