Millions of Americans suffer from mental health issues. Billions of dollars are spent to help treat everything from mild depression to major addictions or diseases. Many people turn to both traditional and holistic methods to find the best combination. In 2018 the legalization of CBD, or cannabidiol, has helped to allow the trade of this non-psychotropic property in hemp nationally. 

Products in the form of tinctures, CBD topical oil, and capsules are being used in the hopes of some relief from ailments such as dry skin to chronic pain and illnesses. CBD is also common in the treatment of mental health concerns. There are many positive reasons for adding CBD to your daily regimen. Here are some benefits of CBD for mental health.

CBD Can Help Relieve Depression

Depression affects many Americans and has a variety of symptoms. Some people experience overwhelming feelings of sadness, little self-worth, anxiety, no appetite or energy, and may even stop socializing with loved ones. Everyone has episodes of feeling blue, however, those dealing with severe depression have long-lasting episodes. If you feel your daily routines are altered by these symptoms, you may benefit help from a medical professional at places such as The Ross Center for anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. 

There may be some connection between certain conditions such as anxiety and depression. CBD may aid both of these due to the calming properties from the cannabidiol oil. When serotonin levels are low in the human brain (the body’s natural mood stabilizer) it can make you feel depressed and cause a variety of issues. It may be noticeable at work, home, or at school and alter your personality. When you aren’t feeling yourself, it can increase your anxiety, especially if, for example, your boss notices your productivity is affected or your teachers see a drop in your academic performance. 

If you don’t understand why you’re feeling different or at a loss of how to handle it, this may bring about anxiety episodes. CBD may be able to stabilize low serotonin levels, helping to reduce anxiety. You may also benefit from talking to a therapist who can suggest the best treatment and program for you. Mood stabilizing medication may be prescribed for more serious conditions such as bipolar disorder and PMDD. CBD might be able to be used together with your SSRI.

CBD Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Sleep issues and disorders can cause physical and mental difficulties whether they are from depression or other problems. Day-time sleepiness can affect your daily activities and your mood. CBD taken before bed can help relax and calm you, allowing you to fall asleep easier. Meditation and yoga can also enable you to wind down from a stressful day. A dream and sleep journal to jot down patterns, sleepless nights, and even dreams can be discussed with your medical team to facilitate a program. 

You may need to participate in a sleep study for further information. This can be done at home or at a center to determine the underlying cause such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy. Lack of sleep can trigger your anxiety which can create more health difficulties like high blood pressure which may lead to panic attacks.

CBD Can Help Pets, Too

CBD oil can help pets who have similar health issues people have such as chronic pain, anxiety, and hyperactivity. Pets can be an enormous benefit to a person’s mental health by lowering stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and structure in your schedule. Keeping your pet in a healthy state of mind has positive effects on both people and, for example, dogs. CBD can help service dogs who suffer from PTSD to remain calmer and is also used to treat epilepsy, joint pain, and overall wellness. If the everyday responsibility of a pet seems overwhelming, there are programs at some shelters to read to dogs or foster one until they find a forever home.

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