Every time a couple faces some problems concerning the impregnation process, the whole responsibility falls on the woman. She has to visit dozens of doctors, undergo all possible tests and hundreds of examinations. And only if all tests show that she is absolutely healthy, they understand that both partners take part in the impregnation. Therefore, the health of both partners is equally important. Men should also be thoroughly examined. For this purpose, special departments such as urology and andrology exist in most clinics.

How to Differentiate Urology and Andrology Services?

Both departments deal with male health. However, urology has a wider field of application while an andrology clinic is more specified. Looking at this in more detail, urology is related not only to men but also to women compared with andrology.

Urologists’ Sphere of Responsibility

It deals with renal and suprarenal systems of males and females. A urology clinic is specialized in the examination and treatment of kidneys, bladder, ureter, urethra, etc. However, urologists are also well-schooled in men’s health, in particular, in their reproductive system. They are even qualified and trained in the field of surgical treatment of these organs.

Andrology Peculiarities

Not everyone knows what andrology really means. If men face some problems with their genital sphere, they usually visit a urologist. However, an andrologist is a more specified specialist. They deal exclusively with men’s health, with factors influencing male reproductive functions and infertility treatment.

Services of andrology clinic are aimed at applying all possible methods and techniques for reducing the impact of various negative factors on male health. If an examination showed that a man has some disorders or even injures of reproductive organs, an andrologist will find the best solution to cope with this. For instance, the specialist can take the necessary number of sperm cells that are motile enough and use them for IVF-treatment. In case it is impossible, an andrologist can recommend using donor’s material.

To sum up, the health of both partners is vital for impregnation. Therefore, men should also undergo a serious examination before planning a child. Andrology and urology clinics deal with male health, and the services are aimed at making both partners able to give birth to a child.