It’s essential to be mindful of your choices when you are experiencing pain in your body. Depending on the scope of your suffering, it can cloud your judgment, dampen your mood, and sometimes deem you incapable of doing simple tasks. All in all, being excruciating pain can lead to unhealthy decision making and choices. To give you an insight into some of the areas of your world that could change for the worse if you’re not careful, here are a few below. 


The age-old saying is to starve a fever and feed a cold, but what are the eating guidelines for other forms of pain you might wonder. It’s incredibly easy to overeat and eat the wrong food when you’re in pain; however, this is merely short term gratification. From time to time, eating a takeaway is okay for a little boost to lift your mood, but only as a small party to a healthy, balanced diet. When you’re in pain, you must give your body what it needs to function and get better. Which means leafy green vegetables, fruit, protein, and fiber are essential for your body to work. Eating junk food excessively will only cause you more issues in the long run, such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart problems.

Pain Relief

It’s common for people to use paracetamols and/or ibuprofen for mild pain relief. However, when the pain is unbearable, whether from, for example, a slipped disc, giving birth, or post-surgery stitches, you will feel the need for a higher dose of pain relief. At this point, medical intervention is necessary to decipher whether codeine vs hydrocodone, for instance, shall provide you sufficient relief. Once you begin taking strong medication, it’s vital to think about the implications that could occur later on. One of the severe outcomes being a potential addiction to your prescription. To prevent this from happening, check-in with yourself to ensure you’re not becoming too reliant on medication alone. And make a decision to ease off them when the doctor gives you the okay to do so.

Stress Inducers

Trying to do all of the things you did when you weren’t in pain is risky for your physical and mental health. For instance, going to the gym 5 times a week, spending all weekend partying, volunteering alongside your full-time job and so on may not be done while you’re in pain, without sacrificing your potential of getting better sooner. It’s likely some of the things you are doing are stress-inducers. As a remedy for this, consider dropping a few events and activities to give your body a break.

In general, we are advised to eat healthily and rest well, etc. This is in a bid to lead a healthy life and prevent any illnesses occurring. Once you’re experiencing pain, however, your body is trying to cope and fix the problem, while maintaining its other everyday functions. And so, the last thing it needs is excessive junk food and strenuous activities to worsen the problem. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

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