We are so used to using technology that we rarely stop to think about how many positive effects it has on our lives. Having a video chat with a friend from abroad, binge-watching a favorite TV show as soon as it comes out, or even reading this text wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the advancement of the World Wide Web and the technology surrounding it.

The title of this article might make you wonder what marijuana has to do with technology after all. While there isn’t an obvious connection between the two, it sure does exist. Bringing in billions of dollars every year, the marijuana industry relies heavily on tech to reach out to customers and provide them with a better shopping experience. Here’s how.

Seed-to-Sale System

It is estimated that Americans spend around $40 billion on marijuana each year. With so much distribution in just one country, there was a need to create a system that would increase transparency and benefit the customers, but also distributors and law enforcers. The seed-to-sale system is just that. By being able to track all levels of the supply chain, the manufacturers are able to notice bad products and pull them before they reach consumers. 

It all starts with the cultivation of plants, where each plant is assigned its unique production number. After harvest, the plants are further divided into batches based on their type. Testing results are then labelled on the product, including the information about the product’s potency (among other things). Before the product transportation begins, details about their origin and destination are readily available to police and other law enforcement. Finally, we reach the point-of-sale, where each sale is tracked to its customers.

This whole unbroken chain can make customers rest assured that they’re getting the best possible product and that the details about CBD and THC levels are accurate.

Virtual Doctors

Another way that technology assists the marijuana industry is the possibility to get the medical marijuana card online and speak to a virtual doctor. Websites like PrestoDoctor offer their services to residents of California, Nevada, New York, and Oklahoma.

This system is very convenient, as you won’t need to go to a clinic. Instead, you will get a recommendation from the privacy of your own home. Moreover, there is no waiting in lines and you will be able to make the same-day appointments. You simply reach out to the first available doctor and have a chat over your computer or mobile phone. The doctors are very friendly and professional, they possess legit licenses and are trained to help you out.

Generally, marijuana is getting greater acceptance by the medical community than ever before due to its proven health benefits regarding cancer, epilepsy, and anxiety. Still, it is not absolutely safe for teenagers, and NIDA warns us about its increased use among the teen population. 

Marijuana App

In-store shopping is now almost a thing of the past. Everybody is already accustomed to online purchases, and it’s no different with marijuana. It has never been easier to buy and have your favorite plant delivered right to your doorstep.

There are plenty of marijuana shopping apps that you can download and use for free. These apps are guaranteed to make your shopping experience better, not just because of the practicality of online ordering, but also because you can learn information about a specific marijuana strain and other product details.


Marijuana is getting legalized all over the world right now, whether for medical or recreational purposes, or both. It is interesting to see the expansion of the marijuana trend at the same time as we are witnessing a lot of groundbreaking technological innovations.

Technology has already helped the marijuana industry grow, and there’s no doubt that the new and exciting innovation will create a better experience for cannabis customers.

80 Stats About the Marijuana Industry (Infographic)

80 Stats About the Marijuana Industry (Infographic)