Whether you’re marketing your practice or your technology in the healthcare industry, marketing is important. Let’s face it, marketing is the backbone of any successful business these days.

You need to be relevant online and your digital marketing could be the deciding factor behind your company’s success… or its failure.

Content is King

In the marketing world, content is everything. You must be creating original content and publishing it on a regular basis.

It can be a combination of blog articles, Facebook live videos, Instagram graphics, email newsletters, etc. Ideally, it would be a strategically planned combination of all these things and more.

You should put a good amount of thought into your content: what’s your messaging, what colours will you use, what type of branding. The list goes on!

Moves slower than other industries

Healthcare is not as young as other industries (I hope I don’t offend anyone with that statement), so it tends to move a little slower than other industries and might be a bit behind.

If something is popular in the general tech space, doesn’t mean it will register in the healthcare industry. Use your judgement on what will stand out to potential clients and go with it.

Don’t get ahead of your audience, they just won’t get it. Make sure you follow today’s healthcare marketing trends.

Know who you’re targeting

You need to know the age group and gender you’re targeting with your marketing efforts. This will dictate what channels you focus on and the type of text and imagery you’ll publish.

If you want to target many different groups, you’ll have to create different content for each and publish on separate channels.

People at different ages spend their time on different platforms and can be reached via marketing in different ways. Start with your target groups and move from there.

Know your competitors

Who are your direct competitors and what are they doing?

You should keep a close eye on their digital marketing game to find out their strategies. From messaging to images, to where they are spending their time. If they are getting great success on a certain platform, that’s a good indication that you should be able to as well.

Is localization important?

Is it important that your audience is local and have direct contact with you at your location or is your audience as wide as the internet proves to be?

If you are location matters, this will completely change your marketing game. If you are an internet based company, the sky’s the limit.

Create a strong system

A great website with fresh content +  awesome social media + ranking high on Google = success.

Throw in a few email blasts to your growing email list and you’re on a roll.

You want to turn your digital marketing into a system and run with it consistently. If it becomes too much, a digital marketing apprentice can help keep things in order and will be an additional hand on everything.

If you can assure that all your channels work together flawlessly, and your audience can find each easily, you’ll see the growth quickly.

For your website, you might want to create a link building strategy that works. It will impact your SEO and help your general brand awareness on publications with similar audiences to yours.

What is your goal?

As is the case with any marketing strategy in any industry in any part of the world, you need to know your marketing goals. Where do you want project X to lead you, and what is considered a success?

Step one is to write down your goals and the time you’d like to take to get there. Make sure they are realistic but don’t be afraid to push hard on some things. If you fail to reach some of these goals, you should consider trying something else.

Through it all (your successes and your failures) you need to track everything. Knowing how much growth you saw on every individual campaign is important to know. Being able to track everything easily is a skill in itself.

Apprentices can help

In 2019, every marketing team should consider taking on an apprentice. Students are a great way to infuse some creativity into your business, at low cost, with the added appeal of knowing you are helping launch a students career by providing work experience.

Digital marketing apprentices can help with any task, big and small, and become a valuable piece of your team. If you are a small company with a low budget, a student apprentice is the way to go.

Learn more and get started hiring your own digital marketing apprentice today!