Tinnitus is the proper medical term for the ringing in your ears that doesn’t ever seem to go away. At the worst, tinnitus can be completely debilitating. Even at best, it’s a constant annoyance. Will it ever go away? If it doesn’t, is there anything you can do about it?

What causes tinnitus

Sometimes tinnitus has a simple explanation and a simple cure. Your ears could be ringing because of too much earwax or an ear infection. Once the wax is removed or the infection is cured, the ringing should stop. 

Sometimes tinnitus comes from sudden exposure to loud noise and will go away eventually. In other cases, tinnitus is a side effect of medication. Lowering the dose or finding an alternative medication will generally stop the ringing. Keep in mind, however, you should never change your medication without talking to your doctor first.

With tinnitus, the problem doesn’t always have a clear-cut cause. In fact, researchers are unsure what causes a lot of tinnitus. Some speculate that damaged sensory cells in the ear are sending “phantom sounds” because they can’t find anything else to hear. Others think some tinnitus is idiopathic and simply has no cause.

Going away on its own

When there’s no immediate medical solution for tinnitus, in many cases, tinnitus just stops. Most of the time, this seems to happen a couple of months or a couple of years after the condition begins.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if your tinnitus will eventually go away on its own — until it does. No one really knows what percentage of tinnitus cases self-resolve. Most people go to their doctor first to find relief, but if your doctor can’t find a medical explanation, like for instance an inner ear infection, the usual advice is to simply find a way to live with it and hope it goes away.

Getting rid of it yourself

There are some ways to make tinnitus better and even get rid of it entirely, even if the cause is unknown and there is no obvious medical solution. Here are some solutions that many tinnitus sufferers have found useful:

Protect your ears

While this might seem like a case of locking the barn door after the horse is already gone, actually taking immediate steps to protect your hearing does help some people with existing tinnitus. At the very least, it will ensure your tinnitus doesn’t get any worse.

Whenever you are exposed to loud sounds at work, at a concert, or even in traffic, wear ear plugs. There are even special ear plugs made for concerts that will allow you to enjoy the music without harming your ears.

Control what you take in

From diet to supplements, what you put in your body can help you get rid of tinnitus. Tinnitus 911 phytage labs have put a lot of effort into researching and developing natural dietary supplement solutions to tinnitus.

As for diet, a healthy diet always helps the body. Being a healthy weight with normal blood pressure and plenty of energy can help ease the symptoms of tinnitus, so the same diets that are good for the rest of you will be good for your tinnitus, too.


Relaxing is easier said than done. For tinnitus sufferers, however, relaxation is especially important. Stress and blood pressure issues can make tinnitus worse, while effective meditation, relaxation exercises, and lifestyle changes can make things better.

Breathing techniques are a proven way of reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Massages also promote relaxation, and the effect of a great massage can last for days.

The most important step in dealing with your tinnitus is the very first one. If you let the ringing in your ear control you, this choice will bleed over into all of life. If you take back control by finding a solution that works for you, you’ll feel better and be much healthier.