In the modern world, awareness of exercising importance is rapidly growing. On every corner, you can see people jogging or doing some push-ups or pull-ups in a park. That is, undoubtedly, a very important life-changing habit, especially if you take how inactive people are during a regular working day.

As the fitness and exercise industry is rapidly growing, the high technology follows it with a wide range of available gadgets and mobile apps. In the sea full of shiny advertisements it is hard to recognize what is valuable and which one of those sea drops you can skip. In the following paragraphs, we will recommend some of the basic fitness gadgets that can help you take your workout routine to the next level.


Definitely one of the fitness gadgets that are should be in your priority list. With a fitness smartwatch, you can be sure that every step you make will be observed and saved. The very basic ones can make a huge impact on how successful your workout will become. They can observe your heart rate, numbers of steps you make, the distances you have passed and the number of active minutes in a day.

Yes, all of those can be tracked and those are just basic functions. More advanced ones can measure the number of burned calories and blood pressure, even time you were exposed to sunlight. The biggest advantage is the simplicity of its usage. You put it on your wrist and you are good to go. Later all of those numbers can be copied to a laptop by simple cable. Fitness smartwatch is definitely a must have a piece of equipment.

Smart Scale

We all know how frustrating weight loss process can be, especially when you are pushing your limits to reach that ideal weight number. Hours and hours of running, cycling or some kind of HIIT training are probably behind you. Instead of measuring just your weight in pounds or kilos, you should reach for some sort of smart scale.

Besides measuring your weight, the smart scale will give you a wide range of information. It can calculate different body metrics like body fat percentage, BMI and lean mass percentage. All of that information can be tracked through the time and that is the best way to see how effective your body fat burn workout is. They regularly come with belonging mobile application that will simplify the usage and tracking process.

Posture tracker

This is a health gadget I would recommend to anybody who is working in a sitting pose. The biggest problem with prolonged sitting is developing a poor posture pattern. The posture tracker application will help you by alerting you when your posture becomes sloppy. Also, it will give you general advice on how to change your bad posture habits and develop new, healthier ones. Your spine will be very grateful to you, if you start using some posture tracker app, like Upright.

Vibrating foam roller

After a long day or a difficult workout, a proper recuperation is something you need. Sometimes it is a sauna, sometimes it is a cold shower. You should also add a vibrating foam roller to your recovery tools box. It will soften your muscles after a hard day by a proper relief of fascia.

That will relax your muscles and secure a proper muscle recovery process. Your muscles will become much softer and you will feel a general relief. After a few simple tutorial videos, you are ready to start using it. Do you know that even racing horses need these treatments to recover from the stress of competitions?

Smart Blender

Instead of manually calculating a number of calories you have taken in with your meal, let the technology do it for you. smart blenders are widely available on the market and they are very simple to use. You synchronize a blender with a mobile phone application, and it will automatically track the number of calories, macro, and micronutrients you have taken.

By using this, you can easily track how healthy and how rich in calories your meal was. That will give you a lot of answers on your calorie’s intake questions. You will start asking yourself if that extra spoon of peanut butter in your smoothie was necessary.

Smart Exercise – Smart Life

All of those gadgets will help you with your fitness goals and they are an additional tool if you want to lose some weight, burn some extra calories or build your muscles. The fitness gadgets mentioned above will simplify your life by tracking what you are doing. Only by proper tracking and proper periodization of your exercising process, your meals and your recovery, your dream figure can become reality. Let technology help you with your goals.