It’s completely natural to feel your self-esteem after childbirth. Here is how to get your confidence back if that happens to you.


Having a baby, especially if it’s your first, changes everything. You spent nine months preparing for their arrival, but face it, nobody is ever actually ready.

Your body has gone through changes due to the pregnancy and after the birth, your hormones are so out of whack you can cry at almost anything. Your doctor tells you not to worry, it will pass, but for some women, it can take much longer because one in nine new moms suffer from postpartum depression.

Luckily you are not alone, we are here to help give you ideas on how to get your confidence back.

Take Time for Yourself

After baby arrives, they consume a lot of your time so it’s easy to get caught up in all of their needs and forget about your own. Take time to pamper yourself by getting your hair and nails done, and go shopping for a new wardrobe.

Once you are ready, be sure to squeeze working out into your new daily routine, physical activity is great for preventing postpartum depression. You can also treat yourself and get a mommy makeover plastic surgery to help get rid of that unwanted flabby tummy area.

Get Together With Friends

A great way to keep your sanity is to have some adult time with your friends. It’s important to get out of the house and have some fun catching up with your girlfriends, maybe hear some fun work gossip if you work together, or talk about your kids if they also have children.

It’s important for yourself to maintain these friendships and also break out of the routine at home with your new baby.

Go Out on Date Night

Having children is not only hard on you but can be very straining on your relationship. As tired as you can be, it’s important to make time for your spouse and reconnect.

If possible get a sitter or enlist the help of grandma for an overnight stay so you can get out of town, get dressed up, and feel like a human again.

Reach Out for Help

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we still need help getting our confidence back after having a baby. Parenting is new ground and can be so difficult at times that it can take a hit to your self-esteem.

Reaching out to a good therapist can be a necessary step for help when you are experiencing strong emotions and don’t know how to handle them. A therapist is there for you to talk through these emotions and can help you feel like yourself again and get you to know that it’s completely normal to feel this way.

You Can Do This!

It seems daunting and that this feeling will last forever but with these tips on how to get your confidence back, you will be able to prevent postpartum depression lasting forever.

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