Dealing with acute and chronic pain after an injury or surgery can be awful. Sometimes the patients don’t need to take part in surgery as it is costly and would prefer something else to ease the pain. Most patients don’t know the options they have for a non-operative procedure.

The use of non-operative methods

For a patient to have a successful revision of spine complications, they are not always subjected to surgery. Other alternatives allow them to have reduced pain and their spine to work correctly. The Spine Center of Atlanta uses comprehensive treating options for people with acute and chronic neck or back pain.

Some of the procedures they have include physical therapy, medical massage, aquatic therapy, and work conditioning. These practices help relieve the back and neck pain ensuring that the patients feel great about themselves.

Additionally, there is the use of acupuncture and oriental medicine in correcting chronic pain. Also, the Spine Center of Atlanta practice dry needling, Cryotherapy, IDD therapy, massage therapy and the use of a personal trainer. Additionally, they use regenerative stem cell therapy to correct major spine injuries.

How spine center Atlanta helps patients afford to pay for their bills

Having a spine procedure can be very costly, and most of the medical insurance does not cover spine injury. Dr. James Chappius spine center Atlanta has a way of helping the patients with their bill. Especially patients who are underinsured, uninsured or if the patients have large deductibles and coinsurance health care plans where they pay for more than one person’s insurance.

The hospital has a program where the patients can pay part of their bills with collateral. This way the huge debt and medical bills do not overburden them. This helps patients relax and aim to get better rather than stress out on how they will pay for their medical bills on time.

Virtual consultation program

Spine injury patients are always in a lot of pain, and sometimes the idea of moving to the next hospital can be exhausting.  The Spine Center of Atlanta has a virtual consultation outpatient program where nurses and practitioners come to see the patient at the comfort of their home.

The virtual practice is called telemedicine, and it is one of the fast-growing forms of hospital outpatient services. This practice is convenient to most people since the patients don’t have to sit through their pain waiting for an in-office visit. Moreover, the patient can even schedule for operation from home, and a doctor or surgeon will make an appointment of when to see them.


The medical area is continuing to make milestones in ensuring that they provide the best medical services to the patients. There are advancements in the medical industry and the introduction of acupuncture and therapy to treat chronic and acute pains. Additionally, there is an introduction of telemedicine to provide medical service to patients while cutting down the long drives and waiting to see a doctor.


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Dr. James Chappuis is the founder of Spine Center Atlanta, as the founder, and owner of the spine centre Atlanta. Additionally, he is the senior orthopaedic spine surgeon and the board chairman at the spine centre Atlanta. He takes up a lot of responsibilities in the hospital to ensure it runs smoothly. He developed an interest in revision spine surgery as he likes seeing the gratitude and relief the patients have after having a successful spine correction. Patients who have suffered from failed surgeries have a more complex and challenging medical issue, and this requires someone with great zeal to perform the correction procedure. Dr James Chappius has been in practice for more than 28 years, and this makes him a qualified physician who knows what he is doing. Additionally, he holds 27 patents in spine surgery hardware and application. Contact Dr. James L. Chappuis M.D. and the Spine Center of Atlanta Today by visiting: or call 404-351-5812.

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