The medical industry thrives on foundations of complete service, commitment and determination of professionals. These doctors, physicians, and nurses are committed to service of the sick and needy. For some don’t have hope and the only ray of light they can find is a doctor’s advice. Our healthcare system strives for better service for everyone irrespective of what they look like and what’s in their pockets.

But sometimes, even the strongest of will and sheer determination leaves doctors’ hands tied. They can’t take care of everything—for saving a life and treating ailments requires the right sets of tools. There is always room for more, and repetitive researches have let to one breakthrough which has made healthcare a systematized industry.

We’re talking about the Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the proverbial gospel of healthcare systems that carry all of the patients’ information in one single place. Yes, you guessed it right—no more lost paperwork, no more files being taken around and of course, smooth flow of communication amongst doctors, nurses, and patients. With the world moving ahead in terms of technology, this upgrade was need of the hour for the healthcare industry.

Why Electronic Health Records?

An EHR Workstation isn’t just a mobile phone, it is a complete workstation which comes in the form of medical carts that are easy to move around, and they can be carried by nurses wherever they go. Enovate mobile medical carts, which produces the most technologically savvy EHR workstations in the healthcare industry, aims to improve the quality of healthcare service with its EHR Workstations. We’ll get to them later.

For now on, let’s look at some reason why EHRs and EHR workstations are crucial for doctors, nurses, and patients. For a start, EHRs make the process of patient database management more straightforward than ever. A nurse can easily input all info on the EHR, and it’s now on the cloud—no need to worry about files getting lost.

As for this information, it is effectively utilized by doctors throughout the hospital. Once the patient visits, the name is enough to drag all information about him/her right in front of the EHR workstation screen.

EHR Workstations are effective and efficient when it comes to space. Unlike those stack of files that are padded up to the roof, all the information on EHR Workstations is stored with encryption on the cloud. The only space which is taken is by the EHR Workstation itself.

What’s the Best EHR Workstation?

EHR Workstations are being used everywhere throughout the medical service industry. It has been shown that EHRs have increased the efficiency of doctors, nurses, and physicians as it takes lesser time to intake all information from patients. But on the flip-side, there have been signs of decreasing performances too.

This is because clinics and hospitals have chosen the wrong EHR Workstations—something that wasn’t what they needed and hence it never delivered the right results. We talked about Enovate mobile medical carts before, and they provide the best EHR Workstations that are suitable for everyone. Let’s delve into the details and explore Enovate’s range of EHR Workstations.


Clinical workflow is something that can be continually enhanced. The Envoy enables you to focus on patients while its versatile build an arsenal of features make it a primary choice for busiest of clinics. The Envoy is intended to limit nurse and surgeon fatigue as it can be flexibly altered in accordance to their needs.

With features like touch display, flexible monitor arm and mobility, Envoy by Enovate is best EHR Workstation in the current biz and has been of great help to surgeons and nurses.


This lightweight aluminium base is anything but trying to bear, making it simple to record the patient straight from the bedside. With its light form, durable and robust exterior and mobile design, the Encore can easily be pushed around with minimal efforts. With a vivid LCD, handy keyboard and an ergonomic handle, the Encore is durable and straightforward for tightest of spaces.


Slimline covers a 20”x20” base, and it makes clinical staff’s work of free documentation a cakewalk. The Slimline is crafted to move around for easy EHR management and is a favorite for small clinicians.


The WallArm saves a lot of space with an articulate system that can fit the tightest of offices. It’s flexible to the full extent so that patient-view isn’t interrupted due to monitor placement. The WallArm is perfect EHR Workstation, and it takes up a negligible amount of space.

Pick the Right EHR Workstation

Keep in mind that something EHR Workstations might make or break the efficiency of the medical workforce. Pick whatever suits them and keep the space factor in mind. As for Enovate Medical, they’ve got the whole range of EHR Workstations—make sure you browse through!