Nursing homes can be left behind somewhat in terms of the exciting changes that many medical establishments are undergoing, but it’s important that we don’t let this happen. The fact of the matter is, so many nursing homes are still operating under the pen and paper approach, this means that productivity is low, and the organization is disheveled. To make an upgrade to any nursing home and bring it into the modern age doesn’t require vast undertakings, but what is needed?

Digitizing Processes

There may be a computer, but it’s probably not being used to its full potential. As far as organization is concerned, a spreadsheet comes in handy, but if we are to make the leap so that reports are organized, and the patients have a detailed file, we have to give more consideration to how we undertake a digital process. The numerous report writings are a very good place to start because this can be altered by implementing speech-to-text programs. This will minimize the need for excessive report writing, especially when there are incidents, and once a machine has been trained to recognize a worker’s voice, the fact that we can speak more than 100 words a minute means we can complete detailed reports with minimal effort. In addition to this, the electronic health records that are being used by many hospitals need to become an integral component of any nursing home. This can allow access, not just from the professionals, but the patient’s relatives as well.

A Secure Storage

Everything is under lock and key, and this can only provide a certain amount of protection. What is worth taking inspiration from is the numerous technical methods of keeping things under lock and key. Security cards and facial recognition scanning locks can work to keep the important items secure. From the anesthesia cart to the numerous syringes and dangerous implements that can be stolen, not to mention the medication, these need to be under secure lock and key. A lot of people rely on a staff member to come in with the keys, but what if that staff member ends up running late, or gets sick? There needs to be other ways of accessing the storage.

Upgrading The Marketing

It’s not necessarily an important aspect, but if there are certain nursing homes that struggle to keep afloat in a financial sense, it’s about reaching as many people as possible. There are plenty of SEO techniques that can help a nursing business to jump up the Google rankings. But this means we’ve got to dedicate some time to promoting our nursing home because this is what will get people visiting. Ultimately, it’s about the quality of the service we provide, but if people aren’t aware of our existence in the first place, then they won’t come to us.

To make efficient upgrades to our nursing home doesn’t mean overhauling the entire process. If it works, then leave it be. But when we think about productivity, not just from the workers’ perspective, but through the entire organization, there are little tweaks that can be made that makes for a tighter run ship which will benefit staff and patients alike.