There’s nothing quite as great looking as a full head of lustrous hair. Great hair is very attractive to other people, but the reality is that many men tend to lose their hair as life goes on. Though women do lose some of their hair with age, female baldness just isn’t the issue that it is for men.

For many men, the natural process of hair loss signifies a loss of virility and a loss of feeling attractive. All of this is why cures for bald men have always been a growth industry all over the world. Today, however, new tech in baldness treatment and revolutionary hair growth formulas are offering much more hope for men who are losing their hair, which is great news for men who just aren’t ready to embrace their bald heads.

New Developments in Hair Growth

Over the centuries there have been many ways to deal with the reality of male hair loss. The most obvious treatment for baldness has historically been in the form of wigs, which are usually called toupees when worn by men. Toupees can be a reasonable way of dealing with male baldness, but only the high quality, more expensive wigs really look good enough to simulate the look of real hair.

Rogaine is a topical medicine that has shown some limited success in the treatment of hair loss, but it hasn’t shown effectiveness in really restoring a full head of hair. Today, surgical implants and hair weaves are probably the most effective way of achieving hair growth in men, and some of these treatments do a pretty convincing job of making a man look like he still has a natural, full head of hair. The downside of these treatments is the expense, and also the discomfort of going through surgery on the scalp, but many of these treatments do a good job of making a man look like he has natural hair again.

A Possible Breakthrough

One factor that seems to impact the loss of hair in men is ebbing levels of testosterone. As the level of this hormone lessens in adult men, the hair follicles tend to shrink, which makes it hard for the hair to remain on the head.

A new study tech in baldness treatment out of South Korea is showing some promise in treating male hair loss, however, but right now the treatment hasn’t been used on humans. A biochemical agent that is called PTD-DMB, which is a peptide, was used to stimulate the growth of hair in mice. Valproic acid was also used in the study, and both of these substances were effective in helping mice grow back their hair. Though this study is encouraging, as mentioned, it hasn’t yet been used on humans, so bald men will still have to accept their bald condition for a while yet, until this very promising treatment comes through.

Can male hair loss ever be totally cured? Right now, the cure is still out there on the horizon, but the new study from South Korea seems promising. Until it comes through, though, hair implants, toupees, and even the clean-shaven head look are possible alternatives for men who want to look good, hair or no hair.

Artificial Intelligence and Hair Transplantation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots can nowadays help in the hair transplantation process. For instance, the first and only hair transplantation robot (ARTAS), unveiled by Skin & Follic, and which uses AI was launched last year in Birmingham.

Not only ARTAS is able to search and identify prime donor hair and then harvests them at a rate three times faster than a manual transplantation procedure, but it also allows you to see your new hair in 3D before deciding on having a transplant.

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation System uses AI in order to identify strong and good quality hair that can be used to transplant to other areas. This helps in keeping the pre-existing hair undamaged, and allows the new hair to follow the natural path of hair growth, eventually resulting in a natural look. The procedure is thus by no doubt more accurate and quicker than a traditional manual procedure.

As Reza Nassab, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Skin & Follicle, mentions: “Robot-assisted surgery has a firm place in surgical procedures, coming on leaps and bounds over the past ten years. The fact that Birmingham can now offer robot-assisted hair transplantation means great things for those looking for hair restoration. We are delighted to be able to offer such advanced technology to those who need it, and to have the opportunity to take the ARTAS robot to the public at the Bullring. The event has already garnered a lot of interest, as it gives the public a chance to see what they could look like, thanks to the ARTAS Hair Studio. The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation System is a great advancement, both for those suffering with hair loss for medical reasons and for cosmetic reasons.”

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