There are so many reasons why we might experience limited movement. Perhaps you have a permanent movement disorder like cerebral palsy, perhaps you have been limited due to an accident, or maybe old age is simply getting to you. Whatever the reason, there are tools out there to make your life easier and more comfortable. You don’t have to let your disability hold you back. Just as medicine has advanced, so too have supportive tools and mobility aids. You only need to know what tools are out there so that you can choose the ones that will really help improve your life, based on your specific needs.

Eating and Drinking Assistance Tools

When it is your hands or arms that suffer from limited movement, eating and drinking can be a nightmare. That is, with traditional utensils. That is why there are tools to help aid eating and drinking, from sippy cups to help you enjoy a couch-side drink while you and your family watch a movie, to apron-style adult bibs to help you stay mess-free without the embarrassment. It is not a weakness to need these tools. Choose the ones that work best for you based on your mobility limitations, so that you can be as independent as you can and take back your life.

Smart Home and Personal Assistants

There are a variety of these tools on the market, and many of them have now become mainstream. For example, take the smartwatch. Apple’s new iWatch has an SOS feature built into it so that if you need help, have fallen, or otherwise need emergency services, you can ask for help with the tap of a button. As these smartwatches have a multitude of functions, including health analytics, they can become a real benefit to seniors everywhere.

The same applies to personal assistance or smart home systems. A “Hello Google” or “Alexa” could be all you need to direct your assistant to call for aid should you need it. Alternatively, you could order things you need online without the computer – another tool that can greatly benefit those with limited mobility in their hands.

Tools for Easier Mobility

There are a variety of mobility tools out there to make living much easier for those who have difficulty with balance or walking. From walkers to canes, to electric scooters and stairwell lifts, if you have difficulty with moving, don’t limit yourself. Get one today so that you can enjoy the freedom of adventure once again.

Support Animals for Ongoing Assistance

Though not for everyone, support animals can be a huge help not just with chores and getting around, but with social care and wellbeing. Getting a dog that can help you fetch items and care for you is great, but the real benefits lie in the bond you two will share. If this sounds great for you, then apply to a program as soon as possible.

Limited movement can affect many different people at many different stages of their lives. As tools progress, however, living with a disability will become increasingly easier.

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