Ever since time immemorial, health experts, nutritional and fitness gurus have always emphasized on the essence of having a healthy breakfast. According to various studies, the kind of breakfast you take is the thin line between having a good and a bad day. This is because the kind of meal you take in the morning determines whether you’ll be full of energy the entire day or you’ll simply try to get through the day. It is in respect to this that most health and nutritional studies insist that you incorporate at least one glass of juice into your breakfast. If you are wondering why not take whole fruits instead, below are some of the reasons why they should be consumed as juice.

Juice helps with digestion

Nothing ruins your day like having stomach discomfort or digestion problems. Fortunately, natural fruit juice can save the day. This is because your digestive system is able to digest juice much faster and more easily than it would digest whole fruits. This means, if you are having a digestion problem, drinking juice will help relieve it, as your body is able to easily extract nutrients such as fiber which usually aids in digestion. This leaves you with a happy bowel throughout the day.

Fruit juices are easy to make and take

Health and nutritional experts recommend taking at least ten fruits and vegetables a day which to most people is impossible owing to their tight schedules. In other words, it is much easier for someone who is late to work or who has a tight schedule to drink down a glass of juice in the morning compared to munching down a whole bowl of fruits.

Fruit juice enables you to incorporate various nutrients into one drink

Some fruits are rich in antioxidants while others are packed with phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional compounds. For you to obtain all these nutrients, you have to eat different types of fruits which again is a little difficult for some people. However, juicing enables you to incorporate the recommended fruits into one glass hence ensuring that you give your body a burst of nutrition in one go. This enables you to inch closer to healthy living without having to try so hard. Juicing fruits for breakfast also helps you stay away from commercial juices which are full of unhealthy additives and preservatives. And this is why you should first check the reviews on various websites like Veranda Interiors before you buy it since they have put together all the highest rated juicer together in one place, so you end up with the best-rated juicer that delivers the juice you need from the fruits.

Juice keeps you hydrated

Apart from blessing you with a burst of nutrients, juices have an advantage of providing water to your body. In other words, taking juice is like hitting two birds with one stone. You not only get important nutrients but you also get the benefit of keeping your body hydrated. Besides, for some people, taking water seems like a tedious task as they find it tasteless. If you are one of them, juicing solves this problem as it is much easier to drink a glass of juice in the morning than a glass of water.

They boost and save on energy

The human body runs on energy made from sugar. Fortunately, fruits contain a natural type of sugar known as fructose which is more long-lasting in comparison to the kind of sugar found in commercial juices and other sugar-loaded drinks. This means, by taking a glass of juice in the morning and during the day, you are pumping yourself with the energy needed to take on whatever tasks lie ahead. Additionally, taking juice also saves energy. How? To get the energy it requires, your body has to first convert the food you’ve taken into liquids. Juice is a liquid; it is directly absorbed, thereby saving the energy which would have been required to break down a fruit into liquid.

Fruit juice keeps you away from junk

Whenever they find themselves hungry or craving for something, most people usually turn to junk resulting in more weight gain. This is because most people usually struggle to eat the recommended fruits. However thanks to juice, it is much easier for such people including you, to stay away from junk when you drink juice instead of eating fruits. This is because, first, the juice is usually in liquid form, hence creates a feeling of fullness, therefore, keeping the cravings at bay. Secondly, it is light on the stomach and provides energy hence eliminating the need to eat junk foods. This is incredibly beneficial especially to anyone on a weight loss journey.

Fruit juice helps in detoxification

Studies reveal that most fruits contain enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are vital in detoxification. However, as mentioned earlier, most people struggle in eating all the recommended fruits in a day but will find it way easier to drink them. Fortunately, the same studies also show that consuming a glass of juice every morning aids in detoxification thereby providing an easy and also healthy alternative to eating fruits. Detoxification is an essential process because by flushing out toxins, your body is able to achieve weight loss more effortlessly and it also helps strengthen your immune system.

Useful apps

Technology is nearly touching every aspect of our lives, and fruit consumption is no exceptions. Here are some useful apps:

Get Fresh with Fruit

Fruits For Health

Fruit Nutrition and Benefits

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, consuming fruits as a juice is way much more convenient than consuming them whole. This is because, you can easily juice various fruits and take them as a smoothie, therefore, obtaining various nutrients and minerals in one drink. They provide a great and even healthier alternative to eating whole fruits and at the same time help keep you away from commercial juices and junk foods.

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