Lately, lots of awareness is spread about the advantages of having breakfast and the reasons why one should not skip this first meal of the day. Having breakfast is very important but more important yet is having the right food in breakfast. It has been observed that the right breakfast pumps energy into your entire day, while the wrong food choices in this first meal would affect your mood, digestive system, and wellness in general.

You must thus develop the habit of having breakfast, and then look for the right food choices. Waking up to a bowl of fresh fruits is one of the best gifts you can offer your body. Fruits are easy to digest, full of fibers, and loaded with goodness that makes your mind alert and body active. Some key reasons to have fruits for breakfast are –

1. Light on stomach, heavy on nutrients

Breakfast is usually the combination of carbohydrates, plant proteins, and animal proteins like eggs, vitamins, and fats. When you take up animal proteins in the morning, it fills up your stomach and stays there for a longer period. Your digestive system gets engaged in digesting these tough fats. It affects the detoxification phase that is usually clocked by your body in the initial 4 hours after waking up. Taking fruits in breakfast would support this detox phase and flush out toxins.

2. Replenish sugar

After fasting for the whole night, your body would crave for the sugar. You can feed your body with sugar by having a cup of sweetened coffee or tea only to harm your body more. Fruits have natural sugar that is complex in nature. Waking up to a big portion of juicy fruit would replenish sugar in the body and make your brain alert for the day by providing enough glucose.

3. Happy Bowel

Happy bowel is the one that is clean. Fruit fibers would flush out all the toxins and residues from the colon. You will love the feeling of lighter body throughout the day. The sodium levels in the body are also regulated effectively when you have water-dense fruits like watermelon, papaya, and muskmelon in the morning. Fruits reduce bloating by increasing urination.

4. No, they are not acidic!

Those who don’t eat fruits in their breakfast would give a simple reason that they are acidic. However,  fruits gets converted to alkaline once they enter the stomach. Even lemon that is acidic in nature would become alkaline after entering the stomach and reacts with sodium and potassium present there. You won’t complain the conditions like acid reflux once you make eating fruits a routine.

5. Fuller but lighter

It is an amazing feeling. A bowl full of fruit would make you full by sending a signal to the brain. It will stay so for longer and reduce the habit of snacking on all wrong things. At the same time your body feels lighter to stay active for long.

Fruits don’t need any preparation time. You can grab a whole fruit, juice it up, or blend it in a smoothie for a quick tasty meal loaded with ample health benefits.

Different apps can be used to motivate you and keep you on track when it comes to consuming fruit such as, Get Fresh with Fruit and Fruits For Health.

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