Technology has made lives easier for everyone. Today, there are tools, software, and applications which can help people accomplish their tasks faster and easier. Regardless if you’re working in a bank, taking care of your kids at home or attending school regularly, technology will always intervene and provide solutions so you can better fulfill your responsibility. The same is also true when it comes to dentistry. There are several technology advancements which dentists should use in order to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants. If you’re looking for dental offices in Arlington, these technology advancements can influence your decision on which dentist to hire.

Having a dentist who’ll take care of your oral needs shouldn’t be considered as a luxury; it should be a necessity. You should work with a professional to maintain or improve your oral health. Aside from the experience and expertise of the dentist, the technology advancement that he or she uses is also an important factor in the success of your oral treatments and procedures. Most often than not, a more advanced dental clinic means better results in lesser time. The following technology advancement can be helpful for dentists who are operating in Arlington, Virginia:

1. Digital X-rays: X-rays are no longer new. For years, film x-rays have been used in different medical practices. But as times are changing, so does the need for film x-rays. Today, dentists can use digital x-rays. These are excellent technology advancements because of the benefits it provides. Digital x-rays use lesser time compared to film x-rays, and the former also emit up to 70% lesser radiation than film x-rays. Digital x-rays also have better viewing capabilities which make it easier for dentists to spot issues in a customer’s mouth before it’s too late. Earlier detection can mean easier, cheaper and faster treatments.

2. VELscope: VELscope is a tool which uses a special light to assess and determine any abnormalities in the mouth. It’s a handheld scope which helps dentists visualize oral mucosal abnormalities which can’t be seen by the naked eye. This technology allows dentists to detect any form of oral diseases and cancer during its earliest stages. Once these abnormalities are detected early, treatments can be provided as soon as possible. With VELscope, a dentist can run a quick examination while customers relax since this procedure is painless.

3. Invisalign: Almost everyone in the world wants to have a perfect smile, shiny and well-aligned teeth – and you could be one of them. When your mouth looks as good as the models you see on TV, your self-esteem can improve, and you’ll have more reasons to smile. Traditionally, you can pay for oral braces to achieve these goals. However, it’ll take years before you can see results from oral braces and for some, wearing these can adversely affect how they look. The solution? Invisalign. As the name suggests, this is a type of brace which can be used to straighten your teeth. But unlike dental braces, Invisalign is almost invisible and can be removed from your teeth anytime.

4. Laser Dentistry: Many clinics offer laser dentistry in their procedures. This technology advancement uses a laser to improve efficiency while eliminating discomforts from several dental procedures. With laser dentistry, dentists won’t have a hard time reducing customers’ tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening, remove tumors and fill cavities. Every dental procedure that’s done with laser dentistry is fast and painless too. Plus, it can also eliminate bacteria during any dental procedure so customers can avoid any complications or problems with their oral health in the future.

5. Dental implants: Regardless of how you much you try, there’ll be instances when your teeth will decay and can become the reason why you’d experience several problems over time. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about any of these. These are technology advancement which replaces the root portion of a missing tooth or teeth, using screw replacements. Once done successfully, dental implants can help you regain your healthy smile again. Dental implants can also improve your appearance and speech while allowing you to eat with ease.

Make The Right Investment

Many people fear going to the dentist for a number of reasons. Commonly, people think that any oral procedure or treatment will only cause severe pain and can hinder them from doing several activities. These notions might be true to some extent, but with the presence of technology advancements, your experience with a dentist can drastically improve. Pain will be minimized, and any dental procedure or treatment can be accomplished with lesser time and better quality. A dentist’s services might come with a price but spending money on your oral health is a significant investment, especially if you’re taking advantage of technology advancements in the process.

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