You’ve finally started your company.. But now what! When it comes to getting the word out to your customers, marketing your startup is your first priority! If you don’t have a platform, you don’t really have any existing customers. It does take a lot of time to get some traction going which is why 90% of startup companies fail. The biggest reason is that they are making major mistakes when it comes to strategizing and how they use the current marketing content that we have available to us. There are a few helpful tips and tricks to help you market your company below!  

1. DO Incase Your Leverage – In order to make money you need to spend money. As part of a startup company, you don’t want to waste that money because you don’t have a lot of it to begin with. When looking at your marketing efforts, you want to be looking for both an ROI and an increase in yoru revenue. You can consider this in the same area as a marketing leverage. This should be both innovating and gaining an ROI at the same time because this is how marketing efforts for companies constantly evolve.

2. DON’T Have Mixed Messages – If you want to make sure that your marketing is sending a unified message across all your platforms and to avoid any confusion to your target audience is key. Companies such as Google debunk a myth that things need to be complicated by sending exactly the same message across your platforms. Make sure your message is clear, concise and helps to answer any questions that may arise.

3. DON’T Disagree With The Customer – There is a lot of stress that goes into marketing and starting your business but don’t take any of that out on your customer. The customer, regardless, is always right. If you have a disagreement with them, you are going to need to resolve that and right away. In my opinion, kill with kindness if you still are trying to not put personal feelings aside.

4. DO Network – One of the biggest ways to help market your business is networking. You can use your social platforms to help you such as Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to gain traffic and connection with others. This is a quick method to help gain traffic to your business, share coupons or sales that may be going on and easy to use! For instance, if you are looking for a job for a medical transcriptionist, you can use social media to help you network and find jobs in your local area. One company such as iMedX is in the Atlanta area and always uses their social media and networking to help promote or share what they are doing within their company, training guidelines or workshops that are happening on to help build your resume and how to go about using their business as a starting tool in the medical field.

5. DON’T Discount The Value of Free- There is a lot of value to be gained through free marketing programs. The most powerful are word of mouth, organic searching and even guest blogging for others. Yet a lot of start up companies automatically discount them because they assume if something is free it won’t offer them much value. Know your worth and always be willing to help others too!

6. DO Fail Fast – Many startup companies will fail because they remain with strategies that don’t work for very long. They try to plug away despite the fact that the strategy has a little chance of succeeding. Smart start ups begin to fail as much as any other but they can fail quickly.

7. DON’T Settle – One of the biggest things you should absolutely not do is settle for less. You can go out of your way to always improve any business idea that you’re thinking. Many companies commonly mess up when they gain a tiny piece of success. They are always so happy with themselves that they can lose intensity and settle on the result they already achieved. Any success should always be a reason to celebrate but also to learn and see how you can continue to grow.

Now that you’ve learned some dos and don’ts of marketing your business how will you look at your own differently? Is there a new way for you to help improve the way you are looking at how to find your perfect audience? Will you network and use social media more than ever? Learning how to use these tips effectively will ultimately help grow your business into one that will gain you the traffic, connection and overall marketing that your company deserves!

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