Healthy nutrition is important to lead an energetic and happy life. However, most of us don’t know what incorporates a healthy diet. Lack of knowledge makes us eat foods that are unhealthy and largely contribute towards damaging our health.

The main reason to opt for unhealthy foods is crave. It’s daunting to resist taste, especially when something is right before you sitting on the table. We speak of processed foods and foods that contain excessive amounts of sugars and sodium.

There are some foods that not only affect your weight but can also cause several diseases.

Here are five things that are destroying your health:

1. Counting Too Much on Medications

It is normal for people to count on medications to recover when they fall sick, but this is a move that can backfire. It is surprisingly common for people to increase dosage just to recover quicker, without even realizing the side effects of doing so.

Even a drug as commonly used as Lanus can cause problems if you consume more than the recommended amount. This is why you need to be sure of what dosages are available for Lantus so that you can consume the right amount.

Also, try to cure problems naturally. For example, if you feel constipated, you should try to beat the problem by bringing changes to your diet instead of counting on drugs.

2. Taking Too Many Or Too Little Calories

A calorie is a unit of energy that we receive from food. It’s common for people to either consume too much of calories and gain weight or consume too little calories and remain underweight.

The recommended amount of calories to eat per day is 2000 for women and 2500 for men.

Due to a lack of knowledge, many people are taking the wrong amount of calories and it largely affects their bodies and overall health.

Eating too much calories contribute to obesity while not eating the recommended amount can cause several nutrient deficiencies in a person.

One should know how to control their calorie intake as per their goals. For example, if weight loss is your goal then you need to reduce calorie intake by 500 or more.

Similarly, to gain weight, increase calorie intake as per your nutritionist’s advice.

3. Abusing Drugs

This is an obvious one. Wrong use of drugs causes horrendous effects on one’s health and can even lead to death as well. It is estimated that more than 64,000 people die due to drug overdose. This is because overdosing drugs leads to an addiction that has serious health hazards including lung cancer, heart seizures.

That’s not all, drugs are said to attack a person’s mental state as well and weaken the ability to focus on things. Moreover, angry mood and rash behaviour is also a sign of a person who in under the influence of drugs.

4. Processed Foods

Processed foods are synthetically made and lack important nutrients that natural foods have. Processed foods contain emulsifiers which are used as taste enhancers to increase the taste.

Several studies have labeled emulsifiers bad for health because they cause inflammation by promoting inflammatory bowel disease in the gut. Moreover, they also promote bad bacteria in the stomach.

The difficult part is that these emulsifiers are used with different names which is why it is difficult to find processed foods that are free from them. The only option is to cut back on processed foods.

5. Too Much Sugar

According to reports, eating too much of sugar on a daily basis can weaken the immune system by 40%. In fact, it is also bad for your metabolism because sugar tends to rob the body from minerals and vitamins that help metabolise foods.

Diabetes is a disease that is caused by consuming too much sugar because it spikes insulin levels. Hence, one should limit sugar consumption to 150 calories (for men) and 100 calories (for women).

Make sure to stay away from these things because they can affect your health and cause several kinds of illnesses.

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