The sports injury is a very common thing. It affects a lot of players during their career as a sports person. With injuries being so common in any form of sports, it is imperative that it is understood and the recovery should be improved.

Researchers have been trying to put in cutting-edge technology to prevent injuries due to sports. There are many products in the market as well which can help improve the chances. A recent team of researchers showcased a pair of sports compression tights which can help understand and calculate the risk of muscle and knee injury.

Similarly, there are other gears as well for various sports which can help prevent injury such as best knee brace for basketball. Even the strenuous physical activity during the training session and while playing has a greater risk of tendon injuries, shin split, and concussions.

1. Injury detecting sensors

The best way to keep a player healthy is by making sure that they are fit and healthy. If the medical team comes to know of an injury early on they can treat it and prevent it from becoming worse. This is also a boon for the players as well. A lot of teams are using sensors to get this done. The sensors are either attached directly to the body or can be embedded in the wearables.

These sensors can be worn during the training phase to get a better understanding of what they are doing wrong. Also, it can help them get a better idea of the injuries which may not have been detected. These sensors cannot be worn during an official match. Similarly, researchers have developed sensors for brain trauma which can tell the medical team about the impact of the hit and also calculate the risk of a serious injury.

2. Wearables

A lot of companies have started manufacturing these devices. The market has been flooded by the companies with various gadgets which focus on health and fitness. They have various sensors which help monitor the heart rate, breathing and keep a track of daily activities. These products are very good and are the perfect technical innovation.

Several wearables are specifically designed for sports. These devices can also monitor the levels of stress the athlete is undergoing and can also recommend the specific recovery time.  Certain clothing with sensors can also monitor both the health and performance of an athlete. Others can help monitor the pressure on the joints, movement range, and temperature.

There are other means as well through which technology has helped the players to prevent injuries. For example, in baseball, the pitchers usually face arm injuries and have to undergo surgery every year. This is not a good news, hence with the help of technology many teams are opting for ways to find the source of elbow and arm injuries.  Similar things are been done in other sports for their primary injuries.


Sport is an important aspect in our lives. The injuries caused to the players can be life-changing, hence it is important that all necessary precautions are taken on and off the field. Technology has been playing its role to help the athletes overcome the challenging phase of injuries. With the new types of devices and wearables being produced every day, it is becoming easier for the players to monitor their health and reduce the chances of injuries.

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