When writing content for your blog the first concern you should have is attracting readers! Well especially when you are writing about healthcare, this is only possible if your blog has high rankings in the search engines. Search engine optimization is essential and if you’re not listed on the first page of search results the number of people viewing your blog goes down. Modern search engine optimization is not driven by keywords but by useful content. Search engines have gotten smarter over the years and have developed capabilities that allows them to judge a blog quality by the information it provides. To simplify, better material equals better search results, more readers, and happier readers as well. Luckily the healthcare is a broad topic with a lot of different areas to draw content from.

Eleven Topic Ideas For Your Healthcare Blog

1. Informative: an informative entry can take many forms. You can inform readers on how to treat common ailments, recognizing symptoms, or just state facts about a common condition.

2. Industry News: blog readers are always interested in current industry news about the subject at hand. The healthcare industry is one that is constantly innovating and developing new methods of treatment and care. Followers of healthcare related information would naturally be interested in learning more about these developments from industry experts. Industry news can cover new medicines, changes to existing laws, innovative technology, or any topic your readers may consider worthwhile.

3. Polling: modern technology has made interacting with people and receiving feedback far easier. By using a poll you can gauge reader interest on a variety of subjects. You can get opinions on health-related topics, response to previous posting, or even measure interest on what topics you should cover in the future. If your blog is on WordPress there are already existing plugins you can install to track polling information accurately and easily.

4. Announcements: through your blog, you can share important news. It can be anything from new treatments being offered, yearly events, new products, special events, and so on. No matter the topic you can keep your readers up to date.

5. Current Trending Topics: writing about trending topics allows you to provide information or state your viewpoint on a topic that is currently popular on the internet. This draws readers because when a topic trends people tend to want to read as much about it as possible. An informed viewpoint or opinion can turn these curious visitors into long-term blog readers.

6. Lists: articles based on lists are a popular format for blogs and news websites alike. The list can be on a variety of topics what’s important is the format itself. Lists are easy to read and allow to organize large amounts of information in a format that allows readers to understand it.

7. Opinion Pieces: an opinion based posting (or rant) can draw a lot of views and attention as the article is shared with others. These types of entries should be emotionally honest and something you feel strongly about. Not everyone will agree with you but entries such as these are seldom ignored.

8. Infographics: a well made chart or graph can be a useful entry in its own right. An infographic lets you condense a lot of information into an easy to read format. Infographics help in communicating valuable information are also easy to share across social media increasing your blog’s reach.

9. News Roundups: another way to update readers on current events is to gather links to published healthcare news across various sources. List these links and provide your own views to give your readers an informed general overview of current events.

10. Article Updates: entries that are popular among visitors should be kept current. If information changes or new data is discovered old entries should be updated to reflect these discoveries.

11. Share Your Readers’ Stories: everyone has their own stories to tell and health care is an industry that touches everyone in many different ways. Ask your readers to share their stories and write follow up articles about these experiences. This not only allows you to provide your own viewpoint but it also adds a sense of community to your blog.

Final Thoughts

A blog is what you make of it. There is no shortage of different topics and article types you can make use of. When writing your blog don’t forget one of the most important parts of it is to inform your readers. Every time you write an article think about what goal you are trying to meet and what information you are trying to impart. Everyone who visits your blog should feel like their time was well spent.

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