There is no doubt that the word ‘technology’ has become one of the most buzzing words of the era! Well, we can’t just think our life without various smart technologies around us. Be it the smart home appliances or our mobile phone, iPad and other gadgets, ‘Technology’ is everywhere!

And, now with the passage of time, the healthcare industry is incorporating these smart technologies within itself. Also, the cherry on the cake is that you can grab a lucrative coupon from CouponsMonk to make the whole chapter of availing such high-end technology based medical services at an affordable rate.

Moreover, when it’s about technology in healthcare sector then specifically the connected care technology is something which is quite famous.

Wondering what does connected care technology mean?

Well, the whole concept of such a technology is quite fantastic! It is nothing but the amalgamation of programs encompassing in telehealth, remote care( for example, home care), disease and lifestyle management and so on.

Moreover, Medcitynews reveals that a high percentage of American physicians find that connected care technologies do wonders for solving medical issues.

Now, I am here with an elaboration of how exactly connected care technology is letting the physicians work in an extremely competent way. And, thus, the general people are getting cured of the dangerous and fatal diseases without much hassle.

Just have a look!

1. Telemedicine

It is nothing but advancing the health care while using various telecommunications technologies. And, obviously, telehealth is becoming more popular and successful day by day as it has many perks. First of all, when it’s about the poor medical services in the rural areas where facilities and docs are lacking then telemedicine or telehealth comes up as a boon.

In such places, patients can easily use computers and internet to meet the virtual doctors and thus they will be able to solve their problems. Secondly, telehealth is something very cost-effective. So, people can easily afford the same.

Moreover, the Alliance for connected care study further underpins the fact with its result which shows that telehealth services can save up to $ 100 per doctor visit.

2. Electronic Health Records

Yes! The movement towards electronic health records is certainly a huge evolution in the medical field. It is definitely capable of facilitating innumerable advancements in diagnostics.

Before some years, the hospitals and nursing homes used to maintain haphazard information systems which were quite clumsy in terms of ability to share information and maintain records.

When EHRs first came into the market then it helped many systems to remain connected which allowed the faster rate of information transfers. Further, EHRs also allows to maintain perfectly integrated health care.

3. Remote monitoring tools

When it is possible for the patients to monitor their health at home then it lets them save huge bucks while reducing the unnecessary doctor’s visits. And, connected care technology made the fact a reality!

Whether it is diabetes or heart disease, patients are certainly able to monitor their health at home nowadays. Thus, it is becoming an absolutely easy chapter for them to take care of their health.

Additionally, more than 3 million patients are using health monitoring systems nowadays. The use of pacemakers for the patients who have hearth problems can automatically send data to the remote health centers.

This technology is even simply superb for patients who are suffering from chronic health illnesses. This kind of tools and devices can help doctors to monitor the patient’s health from a distance when the patient is too serious to reach the doctor’s place.

4. Wearable technology

The popularity of wearable technologies in the medical field is growing like never before! These devices collect the data which helps the docs to keep an eye on the patient’s health who is wearing such a gadget.

Also, such devices can alert the authorities about serious medical concerns of the patients when they are admitted to the hospitals. There are many types of wearable devices available in the market nowadays like wristbands, wrist watches etc.

So, the medical field is certainly raising its flag like never before with the connected care technology! Thus, it would be definitely a truth if I mention that healthcare is going to be the smartest part of society in the near future.

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