Healthcare organizations all over are adopting technology into their daily routines. They are learning the advantages that using digital technology can play in their offices. It is however making one area a little tough. Hiring IT pros who are skilled in cloud computing is proving to be very difficult. Learning the ins and outs of cloud computing and cybersecurity can set you apart and advance your health IT career.

The U.S. Department of Labor has projected that employment of IT occupations will grow 12% by 2024 because everything seems to be transitioning to the digital world. The health industry in particular is following this trend. Employers are having a hard time keeping up with this growth, however, because there just aren’t people qualified enough to do the job. Want the job? Become an expert in everything cloud related and you will be on the top of the list for the job.

The cloud has become a vital aspect of the health industry. Healthcare professionals are realizing all the good it can have for their patients and researchers. Patients can update their records and educate themselves. Researchers can easily gather information from their patients and share the data with other researchers. The cloud is flexible and allows for collaboration like never before. The healthcare industry isn’t just dipping their toes into cloud computing; they’re jumping in head first. This means that IT professionals also have to dive in. As healthcare organizations rely more heavily on the cloud, health IT professionals will have to become more educated and understand how it relates to healthcare.

Becoming knowledgeable and always staying up-to-date on cloud computing and healthcare trends is the best way to make the most of cloud services in the health industry. Schemaverse, ACLS, and Cloud Academy are great resources to be able to do both. Experts in IT say being knowledgeable of the different databases and learning to program is a good first step to expanding your cloud computing skills.

Security is a must in healthcare and cloud services make this a little more difficult than before. Understand the possible threats which could arise while in the cloud and teach all your colleagues how they can prevent them. Know the laws that are in place to protect the security of patients, such as HIPPA and FISMA, so you understand what is legal and what is not in the cloud. If possible, get your Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification. This basically says you know what you’re doing when it comes to information security and should show your employers that you can be trusted.

We know you’re probably an expert in all things digital, which is what landed you the job in the first place. But one of the most important skills to have in order to advance your career in health IT is knowing the business — understanding all things health related and being able to implement it. You know the cloud, but do you know the cloud within the health industry? It might be a little different from what you’re used to, and in order to optimize the cloud for the healthcare industry, you need to understand both.

Don’t be afraid to ask leadership what they think you’re doing right and what could be fixed. See if you’re both understanding each other. They’re the experts in health so pick their brains for things you don’t understand. Online courses like medical transcription training, again, are a great way to understand the business if healthcare professionals are not readily available.

Quality is better than quantity in the cloud. You want to make sure the system is providing a benefit to your company and meeting the needs it was brought into the industry for. If you are focusing on using this system for this area and this one for that area, you aren’t helping the company in the best way possible. Many employers have voiced this as a concern when looking to hire. Be the one who stands out and focuses on making an impact for the company through cloud computing.

Healthcare organizations all over are adopting technology into their daily routines. IT specialists in healthcare are having to update their skills in order to keep up with the changes happening in their industry. Learning the ins and outs of cloud computing and cybersecurity can set you apart and advance your health IT career.

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