In addition to homes specialized in elderly care, a number of agencies offering home care have appeared recently. Faivish Pewzner, Chief Operations Officer at Americare, has managed this type of business for more than 15 years now and he says that this is the most ideal set of conditions. The elder people are looked up in their own homes, and it cannot be more authentic than that. The time-span of the daily care depends on the needs. Faivish explains that caregivers with small day shifts offer everyday care that includes cleaning, shopping, dressing, feeding, bathing, etc. These caregivers are commonly referred to as nurses, who go to the homes of the people in need (usually suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia) or to the homes of the elderly. The amount of compensation depends on the time and needs of the ones to be nurtured, with caregivers spending from several hours a day to a full day, meaning that they practically live with the elderly. The need for home health care emerged because part of the elderly did not want to go to old dormitories in the past. Also, the life of their children was getting more dynamic with their obligations getting greater, and thus there was not much time left for them to care for their parents.
Faivish personally has seen many cases where the elderly benefit from home health care. He spends part of his time talking to the people who hire the services of caregivers.

– “My mother is cared by a nurse who I found through an agency. I pay her depending on the time spent with my mother. Sometimes she stays all night, and sometimes she only comes at my home for a few hours. My mother does not want to go to a nursing home, and I do not have time to keep myself around, so this is an ideal solution” says Joy, a 52-year-old. Additionally, she added that the fee is cheaper than accommodation in a nursing home. But apart from the sons and daughters of the elderly, even the elderly themselves prefer to have domestic caregivers.

– “In any case, it’s better for me to have my own caregiver who will only help me, not ten other elders. My caregiver is an unemployed medical nurse, who although not cheap, cares for me with great detail. Attention is included in the price.” said a 77-year-old immobile elder person.

Faivish Pewzner believes that he understands the elderly who do not want to spend their days at specialized facility. Some of them, he says, are asocial or do not want to be surrounded by other elderly people; some do not like the idea of the nursing homes, and others have worked their whole life to build a home and do not want to move away from it…

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