In today’s society, most people and businesses have some type of online presence, whether it is a website, email marketing, social media accounts, or some kind of online selling account. This also refers to hospitals and health clinics that have lots of patient information, charters and possibly their banking information. However we don’t stop to think that we not always be safe online and that suspicious activity can happen right under our noses without knowing at all, which puts you at risk, your business at risk and your customers privacy at risk, especially if you’re dealing with databases which store personal information such as addresses. Here are some ways to stay safe online and keep on top of our activity to ensure there are no dangerous mishaps which could damage your reputation.

Look For Solutions First

Having people to take care of your databases should be made a priority wherever possible. For private health clinics, pharmacies or even hospitals, patient’s data protection should come first. You can opt for something such as PAM solutions, to monitor activity and have someone else access and manage your online platforms. It may be known as Privileged Access Management Solutions. If you are dealing with any online abuse or suspicious activity, it can be monitored and tracked and this will be important for patients to know that their information is safe and can give them added safety and instil trust into them. Patients are already vulnerable so being vigilant when it comes to their privacy is paramount. 

Keep Up to Date & Aware Of Updates 

A good way to do this is to close the doors on Malware. If you don’t close and secure your computers you can have a whole host of problems. For example, you would not want addresses and medical information to slip into the wrong hands. Apply a firewall. Your Internet router will have an on-board firewall and it will assist in providing the first line of defence and the best security software should be fast and effective and won’t slow your computer down which would be detrimental when dealing with medical information. Select a solution that helps you keep on top of all your communication methods also so your phones are not being interrupted either. Clean up your email often and get rid of any spam. Opening viruses can be harmful and can be a security breach; be vigilant and make sure you check the sender.

It is never an easy task to stay on top of your security but it is doable with some small and easy to implement steps. Look for any unusual activity and if you hear feedback from your patients as they may have been receiving emails from a hacked account, which is not relevant to their treatment or issues and is not any marketing materials. Take time to look at the feedback and adjust your security methods where they are needed. You would not want to lose your business or risk losing money, don’t take the risk. 


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