A man is known by his personality and we think there is no second opinion about it. If your body isn’t hitting the right notes and your muscles aren’t in the correct order, we are afraid that no girl is going to be impressed by you easily and surely that means a loss of self-esteem ultimately leading to a downfall in your success.

No need to be so hopeless though, there are some people who lack proper production of the masculine hormone, testosterone that makes them go through all of this struggle. But, you can surely work upon it by maintaining a controlled diet which can enhance your glands to secrete 20% more of this hormone.

Let us know more about it below.

The Importance of Testosterone

This hormone has a prominent impact on the physical and sexual development in a man’s life which is made mostly within the testicles. It promotes the development of muscles and bones. The level of testosterone drops with the increase in age but other factors including food are also responsible for this reduction.

What not to eat?

Here, we will discuss the Foods that are bad for testosterone levels.

  1. Say no to the creamery

We all think that dairy products are the most organic source of nutrients, but the reality is that none of it is true rather a bunch of lies wrapped within a whole lot of injected hormones!

The worse foods are those which can make you gain fat, and that’s all creamery can do for. It can make you lose those layers of muscles that you have worked hard to develop.

  1. Fatty products – BIG NO

No matter how much we all love the food that we call as junk, it doesn’t change its identity from being junk. Yes, all those crispy fries and cheesy pizzas are nothing but a compilation of trans fats of all kinds that are meant to eat up your health and suck up your testosterone.

  1. Soy-Free Diet

Most of us have a habit of munching on stuff without knowing their constituents. Same goes in this case, if you consume soy in any form in your meal, it can destroy your abs like anything! As it is capable of activating the estrogen receptors it can consume the testosterone of your body quickly.

  1. Alcohol is not cool anymore

How uncool does this sound? No alcohol seems to be an unachievable thing for all the young lads out there. But, you really need to compromise on the urge to grab a glass of wine as it contributes to the majority of the calories in your body.

  1. Some other stuff

As harmless as it may appear to be, peppermint and spearmint tea cause a prominent shrink in the testosterone levels. It may be useful for releasing the stress off but it surely can bring a lot of stress physically by cutting off your hormone levels to half.

What to eat?

Now that we have known a lot about the agents harming your physical and sexual needs, let’s learn some of the stimulating foods in this case.

A major contributor, in this case, has to be garlic without any doubt. It can enhance your secretion along with the size of your balls, well yes it can make you perfectly irresistible! Moreover, cholesterol is known to have a direct relationship with your testosterone levels, so you need to catch up with eggs if you want your game to be up.

Not to forget that the healthier your food intake will be, the better your metabolism will work. So, in order to raise the temperature around, you need to raise your diet plan!