If you have never been in a situation where somebody is injured or dying and you have not known what to do, then you should thank your lucky stars. But you should also know that there will probably come a time when you do need to save somebody’s life and you should prepare accordingly. You might think that you live a quiet and peaceful life where there is little need for first aid and the critical life-saving skills that you will learn on such a course, but the truth is that emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. A car accident on the way to school. A choking incident at a restaurant. A heart attack when you are at the shops. These are not things that will happen to you, but if you are there when they happen you could be able to affect a life-saving intervention. With that in mind, here are four reasons why should you upskill yourself today.

Give yourself confidence

If you have ever been in a situation where the skills to save a life are needed but they are not there, then you will want to ensure that you are never in that situation again. It is a simple process to get a first aid certificate Perth has plenty of accredited learning centres, it is just a case of booking the appointment and making time for the sessions. They will teach you a range of skills, but the biggest benefit is that you will be able to cope with any emergency in which you find yourself. Knowing that you have the skills to apply practically will give you confidence and that is important. Obviously, you will get more and more confident the more you practice and the more you are exposed to emergency situations, but simply knowing what to should a situation arise is a great start.

Have no regrets

Imagine sitting at the dinner table and somebody that you love chokes. To save their life is surprisingly easy – if you know what to do. If you don’t however the chances that they will die in front of you are very real. It is much better to end up regretting the thing that you have done as opposed to the things that you haven’t done – so don’t regret not doing a course when it is almost certain that you will need those medical skills at some point in your life.

It could be you

As accessible as training courses are, there are surprisingly few people who undergo the training. These are skills that should be taught at school and refreshed every couple of years. But sadly, this is not the case. What you do know is that if it was ever you who needed emergency treatment, you would want to be in a situation where there were people close by who knew what to do and who could step in. So, apply this logic and create a situation where you can be the first responder in somebody else’s emergency. What goes around comes around and the more people there are who can react, the better it is for everybody.




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