Digital healthcare is revolutionizing optometry. Click here to find out how an online vision exam compares with a traditional in-person exam!

Has digital healthcare convinced you to take an online eye exam?

Technology is evolving each day, giving us new ways to monitor our health and self-diagnose problems that we may have via the internet. However, we often can’t rely on the internet to give us the answers we need.

Depending on the severity of your case, a simple vision test on the internet won’t be enough to find out what your problem is. Seeing a trained professional can give you the answers that you need from a reliable source.

Read on to learn how an online vision exam compares with an in-person exam.

What Is an Online Vision Exam?

One core component of an online eye exam is the refraction test. This is when an eye doctor has you look at a chart of letters from across the room and attempt to read them aloud with one eye closed.

This test is used to determine what problems you have with your eyes and the type of prescription you’ll need for glasses or contacts. When you take an online vision exam, they’ll often try to replicate this.

An online eye test should not be used as a replacement for an official eye exam because the refraction test is only one part of an in-person eye exam.

The Problem with Accuracy

While a digital eye exam can sometimes help an individual find out if they have eyesight issues, many factors make these tests inaccurate.

Things like the size of your monitor and its pixels can greatly affect how the image appears when it’s displayed on your screen. You also will have a hard time putting enough space between yourself and the monitor.

At home, you don’t have the equipment that eye doctors have, making it difficult for you to get results that will have meaning. You also won’t be able to tell exactly what your problem is, should you have any.

What Happens During an In-Person Eye Exam

Visiting an optometrist in-person allows you access to several things that you can’t get online. A doctor will be able to check for any problems with your eyes, like diseases and refractive errors, and they have the equipment for advanced exams.

Your typical eye exam at a place like Eye Pros will consist of a refractive test using a letter chart on a wall, and another one where you look through a device to see letters with various strengths.

You’ll also have an evaluation of your eye health. The eye doctor will dilate your eyes with eye drops to widen your pupil, giving them a better view of your eye. They’ll often have you follow a flashlight that they hold up in front of you to get a better look.

If You’re Serious About Your Health, Visit a Doctor

Because of the many factors that come into play when taking an online vision exam, your result won’t be accurate and the parameters of the test will vary with each computer that you use.

You can contact eye doctors online or talk to an online optometrist to learn more about eye problems and inquire if you may have any, but your best bet will be to visit an eye doctor in person.

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