Fear of the dentist is known as dental anxiety, dentist phobia, dental fear, and many other terms that represent fear of the dentist.  Adults who had a poor experience at the dentist as a child can develop a fear of visiting the dentist. Children who did not visit an experienced pediatric dentist who calmed their anxieties can develop a fear at a young age that can last a lifetime.

Whatever the term that is used, they all mean a patient has an intense fear of receiving the dental care they need. These traumatic experiences can be reduced or eliminated with proper care and experienced dental staff.

The Treatment Could Be On Another Patient

Negative personal experiences aren’t the only way an individual can develop a fear of the dentist. A patient who hears a patient in pain or sees something that is not pleasant can develop a fear of the dentist. If a dentist has poor interaction with a patient, their manner can be perceived negatively.


For some patients, receiving medication before and during their procedure can eliminate the dental fear they experience. Patients should always explain their fears with the dentist to receive the dental care they need. Medication is taken before the procedure, and the patient should have someone provide their transportation to and from the dentist.

Laughing gas can soothe a nervous patient. Valium or Xanax before a procedure will relax the patient regardless of the fear they previously felt.


Relaxation techniques can diminish fear. A patient can perform deep breathing exercises, guided imagery, and muscle relaxation to relax during their dental procedure. Systemic desensitization is another technique a psychologist can use to reduce anxiety and phobias. This type of treatment will expose a patient’s fear until they can confront their fear without assistance.

 The Right Dentist

The right Dentist will make all the difference in the world when a patient is experiencing fear of receiving dental care. A dentist who is compassionate, caring, and who explains each step of the process can ease a patient’s fears. If a patient does not feel right around the dentist, they should consider searching for another place for dental care.

Children’s Fears

The best way to eliminate a child’s fears at the dentist is to begin treatments at an early age. Taking a child to the dentist at ten or twelve years old with a lot of decay could result in a poor experience. A child should visit the dentist with their parents during dental procedures to ease them into dental care.

Dental care is necessary from age one through the silver years of life. Eliminating fear of the dentist will allow a patient to receive the dental care they need. Waiting to receive dental care could result in further painful tooth decay or gum disease. An individual should take a few moments to determine what caused their fear of the dentist to address the problem with the dentist.

Identifying the fear will provide a dentist with an idea of where to begin treatment to eliminate a patient’s fear. Avoiding the dentist could result in deteriorating health of an individual due to a high level of bacteria in their system. A patient could even develop a heart infection that could be life-threatening. For more information, contact a dental professional today.


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