Growth hormone is an essential protein which even adults would need at all times. Even after one stops to grow! In simpler terms, growth hormone is a kind of protein which is secreted by the pituitary gland. After it’s made, it gets released into the blood.

Growth hormones play quite a vital part all throughout our lives. For healthy muscles, the way fat is accumulated by our body, the density of the bones, taking care of cholesterol levels, and so much more is taken care of by the growth hormones. Moreover, this important hormone also works towards helping our brain function in a normal way.


Usually, a person who has low adult growth hormone will need to go for a deficiency treatment at the earliest. But first, let us know about the symptoms associated with adults who have low growth hormone.

  • They suffer from depression and stress, a lot more
  • They have a high amount of body fat, usually a lot around the belly area
  • Lesser interest in sexual activities
  • Tired
  • They feel left out or isolated from others
  • Feel more sensitivity to cold or heat
  • They are not much lean, which means muscles start to lessen
  • Low stamina
  • Bone density gets reduced. Thus, they have a greater tendency to get a fracture as they age

Adults who suffer from such a deficiency tend to experience a high level of low-density lipoproteins when compared to high-density lipoproteins. Also, their level of triglyceride levels tends to be more than normal.


One of the most commonly done treatments for people suffering from hormone deficiency is Growth Hormone Therapy. This means injections are given to the patients where growth hormone gets injected in their bodies.

Somatotropin which is commonly known as the growth hormone is injected inside the body. Usually, it gets produced in the pituitary gland, helps in the overall growth and reproduction of cells.

When the growth hormone therapy gets prescribed by the doctor, the patient will need to take the growth hormone every day. However again, the dosage would depend on the condition of the patient and how severe it is.

Alongside, the patient’s blood glucose level, the density of the bone and also cholesterol level gets monitored on a regular basis. When the hormone gets injected, the doctor would require to be sure that everything is on a healthy level. This is because when the growth hormone is taken, the body will start to respond to insulin in a bit different way. If this deficiency is not treated on time, it can increase the level of cholesterol and cause osteoporosis.

Is it considered safe to opt for this therapy?

Yes, it is safe to opt for this treatment as it does not cause any harm to the body. But yes, there are a few side effects which could happen. A few of the common ones are aches in muscles and joints, feeling of numbness or swelling. One would usually feel these side effects if the amount of growth hormone exceeds than what is required by the body.