It is challenging to choose the right doctor, especially now that there are many specialists claiming to be experts. However, you don’t have to worry about how you will find a doctor near me Dubai. The city launched a system to rate hospitals based on their performance; this allows you to choose the best health facility depending on your condition. The rating is based on 5 pillars with the highest being patient safety in the facility; this is based on the Dubai patient Safety Index. Other factors include clinical excellence, patient satisfaction, operational and financial features.

Why Rating Your Doctor is Important

What do you do when you want to dine at a nice restaurant? You check the reviews and choose the best. The same goes when choosing a qualified physician. The online rating tells you the best doctor and how the staff treats patients.

Doctors help us to go through some of the most difficult times in our lives and advise us on how to handle life-threatening conditions. Rating your doctor is important because it helps other patients who don’t know where to start.

You can rate a doctor near me Dubai based on punctuality, and speed of response, especially in emergencies. This helps patients to gain insights into the kind of services they will receive in that facility. You can also use cleanliness; nobody wants to go to a dirty hospital and risk infection.

How This Platform Benefits patient

All health facilities whether public, private or daycare health centers, will be rated. The Dubai Health Authority will track the performance of the health facilities using international standards. In case the ratings fall, the facility has to present a plan on how to improve.

Below are some of the benefits of this system:

Search by Specialization

Rating allows a patient to search for a particular facility or doctor and book an appointment. For instance, if you are looking for a cardiologist, you can search for facilities where you know they offer these services. Finding the right doctor can be challenging, especially when searching for a doctor near me Dubai has many to choose from. Every time you decide to trust someone with your life, you ought to feel comfortable and confident for a positive outcome. Reading doctors reviews allows you to choose the physician with the best reviews and ratings based on speciality.

Insurance Cover

One of the most important questions you ask yourself before visiting a hospital is ‘is this facility covered?’ If you visit a health facility without insurance coverage, you will pay more compared to the one that accepts. Your insurance might cover your full or partial bills. This system gives you all this information so you can prepare yourself and choose the appropriate health facility.

Appointments and Notifications

The best thing about this system is that you can schedule multiple appointments.  Patients no longer rely on word of mouth; they go online to check out doctors’ reviews to get the best specialist. This makes it easy to schedule an appointment; which saves time. This system also reminds you of your appointments by sending notifications to help you manage your time. Scheduling an appointment online saves time because patients will not have to wait in a long queue. When you finally get to see the doctor, you can rate him based on several factors, for instance, whether he makes eye contact or whether he shows kind gestures. Doctor’s ratings enable the patients to choose a physician who explains the situation thoroughly and calms the patients in case of anxiety. They also want a specialist who pays attention to their situation and keeps their information private as well as treat them with respect and dignity.


Rating a doctor every time you visit him, helps other patients to see the progress of the physician. Updating your reviews after every appointment creates a timeline of your doctor-patient relationship and experience. This is important, especially if you had a misunderstanding which was resolved later.

This system helps other patients to choose a competent caregiver who they can trust. Your rating is important; for instance, some patients like a doctor who involves them in decision making. This is where the doctor and patient respect each other and make consultations to come up with treatment options. Some patients want their doctor to make all the decisions for them; that is why giving your honest opinion is important.

Dubai is a world-class leader when it comes to the health sector, and the introduction of a doctor rating system makes it easier for patients to choose a physician. Through this system, you can select a doctor based on speciality and the number of rating. This helps patients to make informed decisions. The good thing about this system is that you can book multiple appointments and receive notifications to remind your schedule.