We love holidays because they allow us to spend time with our families, relax, and travel. However, this might not be the case for people living with various conditions. For instance, people with heart conditions might develop complications if they change their routine. As one of the leading cause of death in the UAE and worldwide, heart failure requires you to take care of yourself by adopting a healthy lifestyle. A study conducted in 2004 showed that there was an increase in deaths by 5% for cardiovascular patients during holidays. This might be because some patients wait for the holidays to end before seeking healthcare.

Patients Who Are Likely to be Hospitalized

Patients who are likely to be hospitalized include those who take multiple medications, for instance, blood thinners, narcotics, and insulin. Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, and heart failure are also at risk of hospital admission. If you have any condition that limits you to care for yourself you might visit the hospital regularly.

Hospitalization allows the doctor to monitor the condition and act fast in case of an emergency. This care also ensures that you take the right medicine at the right time. Early admission helps to treat some diseases effectively.

How to Avoid Hospitalization

Nobody wants to be in the hospital while others are enjoying themselves; that is why we have compiled the list below to help you enjoy the holidays without any worries.

Ask Questions about Your Condition

If you are leaving the hospital after admission, a nurse will give you important instructions; however, you need to ask more questions to avoid readmission. Ask about your condition, for instance, ask the name of the procedure you underwent and inquire whether you have any new medical conditions. Ask the nurse if you should limit your physical activities or avoid any foods such as caffeine or sugar. These questions are crucial, especially when you visit a fertility clinic Dubai specialist.

Know Your Medicine

If the doctor gives you new medication, ask for the reason; find out the side effects, and how long you need to take the dose. Since you will be on holiday, as for advice on what to do in case the medicine doesn’t work. Find out if you can take the dosage with other medicines.

Make Healthy Plans

Changing your routine means changing some of your healthy habits. The only way to avoid hospitalization is by thinking of how your habits during the holidays might affect your health. If you are expecting a child, visit a fertility clinic Dubai specialist for advice and how to enjoy your holiday without risking your health.

Eat Healthy Foods

Just because it’s the holidays, you don’t have to indulge in junk foods and second helpings. Although it might be tempting to eat whatever others are eating, make your plan. Eat close to your usual hours to maintain your blood sugar levels, but if your meal delays, remember to eat a snack at that time. If you are invited to a party, ask if you can bring a healthy dish along. Don’t skip any meals to create room for the party because this will cause you to overeat.

Be Active

It is important to engage in physical activities, especially if you have a heart condition. You don’t have to do complex exercises. Simple activities such as taking a walk and helping around the house are good for you. These activities help to make out for overeating, and they also help to reduce stress.

Regular Checkups

If you have a condition that requires you to visit the hospital regularly, you need to keep the appointments. This prevents hospitalization because regular checkups help to monitor your condition, provide treatment, and change the medication if it doesn’t work. If you ignore your appointments, the condition might get worse without your knowledge, and this could get you hospitalized during the holidays or even after.

Consult Your Doctor Before Traveling

It is necessary to inform your doctor whenever you are traveling for the holidays, especially if you have a chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Your doctor will advise and recommend a physician in the town you are going to spend the holiday. Leaving without consulting your doctor means that your medication might run out and you might not get any in your holiday destination.

The holidays bring cheer and good times with the family; however, if you don’t take care of your health, you might end up in the hospital for a couple of days. To avoid readmission, you need to ask questions about your condition and medication. You need to know how to handle your condition during the holidays. Remember to make realistic plans; don’t go overboard with your celebrations.