Your oral health plays a vital role in your life. If you have a healthy mouth, you’ll be able to have more confidence, as well as keep illnesses and diseases at bay. This is one of the reasons why dental implants are in-demand. This procedure allows an individual to have a clean and healthy mouth regardless of their age.

So What Are Dental Implants?

Before you check out reputable websites offering dental services such as, it’s vital that you know first what a dental implant surgery is. In its simplest terms, this dental procedure involves replacing the tooth’s root. This procedure can provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. Unlike other dental procedures, dental implant surgeries aim to match your natural teeth.

Dental implants can provide several benefits, such as improving your appearance, speech, and oral health. This dental procedure can also alleviate discomfort when removing dentures, promoting easier eating practices.

What’s New With Dental Implants?

In today’s digital era, everything is fast-paced, and the dental industry is no exception. Because of the advent of technology, different innovations are introduced to the public. To know more about the technological advancements of dental implants in Syracuse and other parts of the world, take note of the points below:

Computer-Designed Implants

Aside from having healthy-looking teeth and gums, dental implants also aim to have satisfactory

bone stability. There are different dental procedures available for years, but most of these can result in bone loss. But this is now a thing of the past—today, computer-designed implants are existing. This innovation can encourage zero bone loss with the use of computer-aided manufacturing and design.

Computer-designed implants work by creating exact duplicates of a person’s missing teeth and places the replica immediately in the mouth, replacing the empty space. Aside from the swiftness, computer-designed implants also have a symptom-free healing process.

Computer-Guided Implant Procedure

Simply having a loose or missing tooth is not enough reason for you to get dental implants. More often than not, your mouth will have to be studied and analyzed to check if dental implants are ideal for your case. Because of the computer-guided implant procedure, this process has now become easier. With this innovation, dentists can view your mouth in full 3D, allowing them to precisely determine the implant position and if there is any need for soft-tissue augmentation. This will allow them to look at your mouth, teeth, and jaw in different angles through a screen.

Antibacterial Coating

Dental implants can improve your lifestyle but not forever. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about your dental implants being damaged soon. With antibacterial coating, the longevity of your dental implants will now last longer. This innovation protects the teeth from acid erosion and dental enamel, which is usually developed when you consume certain foods or drinks. This protection gives you more freedom to eat and drink whatever.

Angled Screws

Your teeth stick out from your crestal bone. This is the part of your upper and lower jaw where your teeth are placed. Once teeth are removed, your crestal bone shrinks as this is its normal reaction to reabsorb calcium. When you remove your wisdom teeth, you’ll be able to touch places where your teeth should be and realize that these areas are already smaller than before.

Dental implants work by simulating a natural tooth root, but this process can usually lead to tooth loss, especially if you take time to remove your tooth and implant the screw. Today, angled titanium screws are now used by dentists in order to match the angle of the person’s crestal bone. As a result, the reabsorption of calcium is kept at a minimum.

Micro Threads

Back when titanium screws were introduced, everything went well with dental implants. This minimized absorption in the crestal bone, allowing your gums to regain its shape even with the absence of your wisdom tooth. However, several dentists have noticed that the use of titanium screws actually etched the surface of the tooth, making the tooth loose its density and strength. Because of this, companies are producing micro threads as an alternative to titanium screws. Micro threads are smaller and lighter in nature, protecting your teeth better. This design has been incorporated into dental implants in order to preserve the overall strength of the tooth.

Trust The Pros

A successful dental implant surgery can surely improve the quality of your life. This dental procedure might require time and money from you, but because of the benefits it can give, all of these will be worth it. With these advancements, you can guarantee that your next dental implant surgery will be effective without requiring too much time and effort for recovery.


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