Steroids are among our most important health tools. They’re also among our most misunderstood. For some, the very word “steroids” conjures up thoughts of scandals in sports and unwanted side effects. Others know that the world of steroids is much more complicated than that. Below, we’ll talk a bit about the truth about steroids, and we’ll take some time to dispel some myths along the way. As with so many other things in life, steroids are a bit more complicated than they first may appear.

Fiction: Steroids are illegal

When athletes get in trouble for using steroids, it causes many of us to assume that the substances are not legal. But that’s not necessarily true. In Canada and the United States, many forms of steroids are completely legal. In fact, you can get certain types of steroids without a doctor’s prescription.

Major League Baseball’s much-maligned “steroid era” is in some ways a result of the league’s inconsistent rules regarding steroid use. In other ways, it’s simply hype and misunderstanding. While some players may have knowingly broken rules, many others used steroids that were not banned by MLB. And why shouldn’t they have? Many steroids are legal and safe.

Baseball has since made its rules regarding steroid use clearer. But many experts still believe that the reasons to ban steroids in baseball at all are limited, at best. The laws of the countries that MLB teams play in, meanwhile, remain clear: Most forms of steroids are legal.

Fact: Steroids have medicinal uses

Steroids have become strongly associated with their role in sports, including baseball, football, and bodybuilding. But, while steroids are certainly good for becoming stronger and more athletic, they also have all kinds of medical uses.

Steroids help our body fight stresses like infections and injuries. Taking extra steroids is something that a doctor may recommend and prescribe if you are hurt or sick.

And, yes, we said “extra” — and that brings us to our next section.

Myth: Steroids are unnatural

Steroids can create superathletes, and that makes some of us think of them as unnatural and unfair. The reality, however, is that steroids are very natural. We all create our own steroids within our body. Our steroids play important roles in helping us to overcome infections and injuries; they also help us recover more quickly after workouts.

When you take steroids, you’re not taking something unnatural. You’re just adding more of something that you already have, at least in some form. While this is no reason to take wild amounts of steroids (you should be careful to use steroids in moderation, and steroids should not be used by children), it is a great reminder that moderate steroid use can be perfectly healthy.

Fact: Steroids are widely available to consumers

As we mentioned in a prior section, steroids are legal in places like Canada. In fact, you can legally buy some types of steroids without any need for a prescription.

Steroids are popular purchases for folks looking to get into better shape, explain the experts who sell steroids in Canada. Because steroids can help us recover more quickly from workouts and injuries alike, they can help us keep pushing to perfect our bodies. They can also allow us to return more quickly to a sport we love after an injury.

Steroids can be a healthy and important part of your supplement, diet, and workout plan. Just be sure to get them from a reliable retailer and take them in accordance with the directions and safety precautions, If you have further questions about steroids, speak to your doctor.