Every person knows how important it is to be engaged in regular exercise. This is an important aspect of overall health that every person need no matter what his or her age. It can improve your physical body and it can also activate the different functions of the body. But this is not the case for people who have type 1 diabetes because too much exercise can be a reason for one to experience low blood sugar reaction. This can be frustrating especially if you are someone who really loves to have an active and healthy lifestyle. But if you know how to make the proper adjustments, you will be able to enjoy your day and exercise.

To provide a guide, here are some of the most important tips you need to remember in choosing adequate exercise routine for type 1:

Try to Avoid Exercise within Four Hours of Giving Yourself Rapid-acting Insulin

If there is one fact that you need to understand, it is the truth that it is not exercising that can make you go low but insulin. With this, it is imperative for a person to make sure that you are going to avoid exercise within four hours after giving yourself rapid-acting insulin. This is because rapid-acting insulin stays active in the body for 4 hours. With this, you have to wait until it is already out of your system before you start exercising. This is the best way for you to avoid going low while you are actively engaged in your workout routine.

 Understand What Type of Exercise You’re Doing

Not all types of exercise will make you go low. This information will certainly save you from engaging in an activity that can affect your blood sugar negatively. Cardiovascular and aerobic exercises like running, jogging, cycling and yoga can make your heart rate rise for a longer period of time. Its impact will lower your blood sugar. This is in contrast with anaerobic exercises like strength training and circuit training. While doing this type of exercise, your heart rate goes up and then goes down. While doing this type of exercise, your blood sugar rises. But you have to consider that it also depends on the individual. It is also very important for you to check your progress and to know if you need to make more adjustments. 

Treat Your Low Blood Sugar with Only a Few Types of Foods

Aside from bontril, you have to know how to treat your low blood sugar. There are very few types of foods that can help you with this. What you are going to consume will certainly affect not only your strength but also your weight. If you are going to choose to have a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk, the next thing that you will worry about is the number of calories that you have gained. The best way for you to deal with this issue is to choose a fast-acting carbohydrate to maintain your blood sugar level. After this, that is the perfect time for you to use fat and protein. Waiting with patience until you are ready is the secret to a better condition before exercise. 

Try Exercising First Thing in the Morning, on an Empty Stomach

To start with, exercising first thing in the morning is a great technique that is being utilized by bodybuilders. This is effective because upon waking up, your stomach is empty and you have been fasting all night. With this, your body is in perfect condition to burn fats and not glucose. While you were sleeping, your body is already using up the stored glucose. At this point in the day, your body is not using fat to fuel its movement. You can take advantage of this fact and you will be able to burn more fats without affecting your muscle condition. 

How Mindfulness Techniques can be Beneficial

Mindfulness is a very important thing to consider whether you have diabetes or not. This is a technique that allows you to focus on the present as it helps you let go of thoughts that can cause anxiety and stress. People who are constantly experiencing panic attacks, stress and anxiety are being encouraged to practice mindfulness. You can do this by meditating and by going back to your inner core. This can be done at any time in the day. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with everything that is confronting you at the moment, mindfulness teaches peace and control.

This technique is very important for people who have type 1 diabetes. In fact, this is now being used as a technique for people to deal with eating disorders and it is now perfect in managing diabetes. You can become aware of practising awareness in dealing with your thoughts. No matter what your age and what your condition is, you can always practice this. As you try to control your mind and manage your thoughts, you are also blocking stress and anxiety. This is very important not only for your emotions but also for your physical condition.

Managing diabetes may not be as easy as it seems but with proper activities and discipline, you will also get the hang of it. Aside from the different things that are enumerated above, you also need to understand that taking care of your overall health is also one of the best ways for you to keep yourself stronger during exercises and workouts. Eating the right food and getting enough sleep will bring you a long way. Being able to do all the recommended activities will give you better days. After all, type 1 diabetes can be managed. Your health is very significant and you have to make it a priority. By doing this, you will be able to turn around your lifestyle. This is the perfect way for you to get into a diet and exercise routine that will be beneficial for you and your condition.


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